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Sign of a Good Recruiter? They keep asking questions!

2013-12-15 09:00:00 +0000 by Herbert Croezen


When searching for a multilingual job, be it local or international, it is more than likely you will be dealing with a number of multilingual recruitment agencies. The more popular the required skills are the more agency recruiters you may have to speak to and with your list of agencies growing, the headache becomes bigger. As recruiters we totally understand this. 

When we ring a candidate who has applied for a language job, some of the most popular replies we get are as follows: 

  • “Tell me what job I’ve applied for” 
  • “No time to talk send me a job spec” 
  • “If you are not going to tell me who the job is with I’m not going to answer your questions” 
  • “Why so many questions, you have seen my CV right?” 

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we at Careertrotter believe we are good recruiters. Perhaps not the best yet, but that only means we work harder on becoming the best at what we do. 
Unfortunately for anyone with the above responses we do not do as requested for the very simple reason. A good agency recruiter does not screen if you are suitable for the job abroad, a good agency recruiter will screen if you are going to accept the job abroad and for that we need details, the more the better.

Whether jobseekers like it or not it is the company that the recruitment agency works for, they pay the bills and it is them the recruiters have to keep happy in order to retain the business. So if you are in an interview process with 3 companies and you expect to get at least 1 offer in the next 2 days - is it worth sending your CV to our client who has a 2-week interview process?

If you can’t wait or aren’t willing to wait for 2 weeks and we happen to send your CV to a client, 
we not only waste your time with a possible interview preparation but we also look silly to our client for sending a CV of someone who pulled out after 3 days. 

With 7 years of recruitment under my belt, I have had to learn the hard way, that screening is a crucial part of the recruitment process. The more information we have from you, the jobseeker, then the better chance we have of securing you your perfect language job abroad, as well as not wasting your time interviewing for jobs abroad that you simply won’t accept. 

Of course it’s not all about the job, there are many of variables you factor into the decision process, when accepting a job abroad:

  • Travel, 
  • Locations of work whether it will be in the big smoke or a small town/village, 
  • Looking to study in the evening and needing set hours, 
  • Expectations in the new job,
  • If you are relocating with family or pets, 

And many other scenarios that will affect if you will accept the job or not. 

Having recently interviewed a few recruiters from competitors I was amazed to find out that for every 10 CV’s they send to their clients they only got 3 interview requests. Currently our stats are for each 5 CV’s sent to clients we get 3 to 4 interviewsThat’s because we believe in delivering quality over quantity

So when we call you for a phone screening it is not to annoy you but to ensure we understand what it is what you want so that we can offer suitable language jobs or perhaps come back in a month or 2 with suitable multilingual language jobs abroad. The more time you spend in your pre-screening the less time you waste in actual interview processes. 

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