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Cheaper Beer, Better Windows and Other Ways to attract and recruit German speakers

2014-04-15 10:00:00 +0100 by Herbert Croezen


Looking to hire German speakers? Have no leads? Well perhaps this Careertrotter research can help you to recruit Germans! 

With Germany being the strongest economy in Europe and one of the Top 3 exporters in the world. It can make it difficult to draw any German speakers to Ireland where a number of international career opportunities lie in wait, especially since there is an increasing demand for proficiency in a second language in Ireland today. 

Recently Careertrotter fulfilled an online survey specifically targeting German speakers who have moved to live & work in Ireland. Here we questioned their motivations for going to Ireland and how they found their new multilingual jobs there. 

According to our survey, 70% of the German speakers were completely unaware of the fact that their language skills were highly sought after by the many multinationals prior to moving to Ireland. Interestingly enough our respondents stated that the main source for finding German Jobs in Ireland was mainly through recruitment agencies, without them they would not have known about them at all. The next biggest source was referral from friends. 


Within the last 5 years Ireland has been working on a new and improved re-branding of the country, where they no longer want to be seen as mere food providers. They have been working on their public image and wish to seen as a prime location for multinational companies and technical start-ups. 

That being said, Ireland is targeting itself at large companies around the world, and doing it successfully, what with 10 of the top 10 technology companies there already. But targeting multilingual speakers seems to have been a second thought, of course with so many international corporations in Ireland; a multinational workforce will be highly sought after. So surely, we as employers and recruitment parties, searching for German and/or other language speakers have a responsibility to re-brand Ireland ourselves as the ultimate career hub: For only then can we truly start to see genuine interest from those who wish to work abroad

Now we’re not saying we have all the answers to getting more German speakers to Ireland, but we do have a clearer insight into the minds of the internationally minded German speakers. 
Funnily enough when we asked about any disadvantages to living in Ireland, some of our respondents replied with not offering ‘high quality windows’, ‘needing better football’ and lowering the price of the beer in Ireland would be a good start. Beers and windows we might be able to look at, Football is unfortunately a lost cause. 

On the bright side once German speakers had moved to Ireland they seem to have a high retention rate with over 72% looking to stay from 2+ years to forever in Ireland. 

So for further information on German speaker’s motivations and influencers for enticing them to Ireland, check out our report by contacting us today.

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