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Interview Questions you Should & Shouldn't Ask

2014-05-22 13:00:00 +0100 by Kellie Anne Molloy


When it comes to the interview, everyone always prepares for the answers they have to give - especially when it comes to working abroad - questions that shouldn't be asked when you first meet the interviewer have been asked and it needs to stop. Recruiters these days have heard them all, so what we have planned to share with you today is a way to WOW the interviewer with questions you can ask. Be fresh, stand out & be unique with us here at Careertrotter.

Interview Questions you SHOULD ASK:

  • What kind of training does the company provide during induction as well as after? 
  • Can you describe a typical day/week on the job? 
  • What is the current team set-up in term of numbers and experience? 
  • Are the teams in your company divided per nationality? 
  • What are the challenges faced by people in this job? 
  • After a year of working for you, what would be the possibilities for growth after that time? 
  • What kind of challenges does the company face in the next 2 years? 
  • Why did you join the company? 
  • What is the best thing about working here? 
  • What is the management style of the company? 
  • Can you tell me a bit more about the companies culture? 
  • Is there a common characteristic that most employees have in the company? 
  • How much flexibility is given to sales for price negotiation with the customer? 
  • What percentage of employees meets/exceeds their quota? 
  • What targets and KPI’s will my performance be judged on? 

Unfortunately, we have had hiring companies reject candidates in the past because the questions asked did not show any interest or commitment to the language job. Below some examples and why you shouldn’t ask them. 


Interview Questions you SHOULDN'T ASK:

  • When can I take my first holidays? (You don’t even have the job and already need a break? Only mention this if you must take a day for Wedding, Graduation or other important events
  • How often can I fly home? (Make sure you do your own research as this might not be something the interviewer might be able to answer, and again, it is not a good sign to worry about breaks/holidays when you don’t even have an offer yet - the interviewer knows that you are looking to work abroad and that you may want to fly home once in a while they might bring this up but if not - do not ask) 
  • Can I change my working schedule? (Oops. Bad, you already want to change something before you even get the job!)
  • What does the company do? (Do your research beforehand!) 
  • Do you have a canteen? (If they do, they will mention all the benefits themselves!) 
  • Did I get the job? (Be patient; don’t put the interviewer under pressure) 

One Final Tip: If you had questions prepared but all are answered: What do you think sounds better when they ask you if you have questions?

                                     ''No I don’t''
                                                       ''I did have questions but all are answered during the interview'' 

Make sure you are very well prepared not only to ask but also to answer questions the interviewer will have for you. Read more tips by Careertrotter about the Interview Preparation for a great language job abroad. 

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