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Does the salary matter – when working abroad?

2014-06-03 11:00:00 +0100 by Herbert Croezen


When it comes to the decision in making the move to live and work abroad many factors are considered like: Place, Climate, Family, Friends, the language Job, your likes & dislikes, but the one that comes up the most is the Salary

What we want to talk about today is the fact that Salary may not be everything.

Careertrotter has seen a number of jobseekers who want to work abroad, gain brand new experiences in exciting places and naturally think how to earn money there. Cards on the table: What exactly are you looking for? To have a great kick start abroad, develop a career there or just earn money? 

Face the fact: Salaries for language jobs in certain countries like Malta or South Africa may not be what you are used to in your home country. But the living costs are respectively lower, and moreover, you gain an experience you would never have had at home! 

Some people actually choose where they want to work abroad based on the experience they think they will get. Do if you want the feel of sand under your feet and the salty sea air in your hair? perhaps Malta or Spain is the place for you.

If you want some excitement like a weekend safari ride with lions, elephants, and giraffes as your neighbours then South Africa is the one for you.


Would you rather the promise of beautiful landscapes, breathtaking sea views, Nordic wildlife and Celtic history? Working in Ireland may be where you want to go – in just a few hours you can drive across the island, visit major cities and wonderful countryside, get in touch with what may be the friendliest people on Earth, get soaked and within half an hour – sunburned in the most changeable climate in the world. Our own experience shows that - you never get tired of Ireland! And we can tell you for sure: It is better always to get there first and then develop your career in Ireland/Northern Ireland.


Our Point:

Salary is not the be all and end all, Money may make the world go around but will it make you happy? For us it's a no, it's your surroundings that make you happy, the beauty, the people, the food etc. So what we are trying to say is, stop putting so much pressure on trying to earn a lot of money, we wouldn't send you somewhere that offered an unreasonable salary. Your salary would be in line with the rate of inflations and cost of living in whatever country you wish to work in.

If you are interested in learning more about living & working abroad in certain countries check out our articles, where we cover all the basics of making the move to working abroad.

Read this interesting blog why you should move from work to Eastern Europe if you want to save money. 

Some amazing places might not make you rich straight away, but for sure – will pay your bills and give you unforgettable moments and incredible experiences. What's great is – you can use your German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish there! Most of our clients offer a relocation package to make you feel good upon arrival. Seeing is believing! Get your Multilingual Language Job with the free service of Careertrotter and secure a year or two in Malta, South Africa, Great Britain, Ireland or in another part of Europe

The decision is yours: Do you want to become richer in terms of money or in terms of life and work experience? If it is the first – you are sometimes better off staying in your home country then going to work abroad. If it is the second – you won’t get rich immediately, but you can start and develop your career abroad

Make your globetrotting dream come true - browse our Language Jobs now! 

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