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Should I put a photo on my CV?

2015-06-25 11:00:00 +0100 by Herbert Croezen


Do you speak two or more European languages? Are you looking to work abroad?

 Careertrotter is an multilingual international recruitment agency that helps people start and continue their career abroad. We don't just find jobs for multilingual specialists; we guide you through the entire recruitment process -FOR FREE!

Now let's get down to why we are here. When it comes to meeting anyone new, we all know first impressions count, so why should that be any way different when applying for a language job?

First impressions when applying for a job to a work abroad is your CV, so you want it to be the best it can be yes? Then stay right where you are because we can help you wow them with your CV.

One of our major roles here at Careertrotter is screening for each and every langauge job we have, but we also give our own exclusicve tips for your CV and how to wow in an interview when we talk with you. We know what we are talking about as it is us who recommends you to companies from around the world.

So if you think about it, you want to impress the recruiter too, but we constantly see CV's that wouldn't do much for anyone and sadly we have had to throw them away.

 Why is that? 

One occuring problem we seem to find is the CV picture some people choose to add, and these CV pictures would never be considered for a language job abroad or at home. 

What would we recommend?

The answer is simple, unless you have a very professional looking CV picture with the right format/style that is required in some countries like in Germany then don't use a CV picture.


Unless it's a professional picture DON'T use a CV picture.

For a bit of Fun we decided to create our own prototypes of CV pictures

that you should NOT use : 

I am so sexy, that’s why you should not miss my CV!


I am a gangster and if you do not find me a job, I will attack!

I love to party & I am a cool guy – give me a job!

Who is the guy beside me? Let’s keep it secret (my former best friend that I do not want to talk about!)
Have you seen some funny or just plain old never use CV pictures? You are more than welcome to send us on some pictures and who knows you might find them here soon. 

More pictures are coming soon! Find Careertrotter on Pinterest  & Instagram and feel free to leave your comments and ideas.

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