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Benefits of Working in a Contact Center - Changing How you see Contact Centers

2015-08-18 08:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Here at Careertrotter we just can’t understand why people have such a bad impression of working in a contact center, because we have placed many happy candidates in multilingual contact center jobs in companies around the world. 

Many of those who we have placed have grown into other departments and it is all thanks to the experience they received in their contact center jobs. 
Contact centers have evolved, today it's not just call call call, you will deal with customers on a number of different platforms i.e. through the phone, email, online chat and even through social media and online forums.

We want you to start thinking of contact center jobs as a good investment, because it’s true, you will be making a worthwhile investment into your personal development, as many employers offer free training where you can develop skills such as communication, negotiation, problem solving, sales and even gain a deeper understanding into the industry you are operating in. Due to this heavy investment into their contact center employees - this department is typically seen as a large talent pool for companies - so a bright future is certainly on the cards.

This may not seem like a big deal now but when you want to grow your career abroad, many employers look at what skills you may have used in your last language job and seeing that you would have used these type of skills on a regular basis, seriously puts the odds in your favour. Working is a contact center truly opens doors for you and your career, as the advantages of starting off in this area are endless, if you don’t believe us then keep reading:


  • No Experience Required

Many call center jobs don’t need you to have much previous experience in the area so if you are fresh out of college & want to work abroad or are simply looking to change your field of work – then contact center jobs are the way forward.

  • Promotions Come Quickly

In contact center’s, if you are committed and perform well, then a promotion will not be far away. Many senior roles are filled from within and if you are looking to grow - this is the easiest & fastest way to do so. This is an opportunity that is not given in other sectors as easily and with promotions, comes more responsibility and a higher income – You really can’t go wrong.

  • Enhance Your Skills

As contact center agents are usually the first point of contact for nearly every company in the world, employers invest a substantial amount into the training of their contact center agents – so grab this opportunity to help you learn to listen, communicate and multitask as these are valuable skills  that you will need in every language job you could possibly have. – Trust us we know a thing or two.

  • Get Your Dream Job

As we said before, contact center jobs open doors for you. Working your way up from a contact center agent is one of the best ways to do so. You learn all there is to know about the company, you build your skills and confidence along the way and it is important to note that many companies prefer to promote internally - so you would be there and ready to go.

  • Work With Great People

As everyone is making the move to go global, contact centers today are full of great people from a number of different backgrounds - so you get to work with people with different languages, different cultures and many fun and friendly personalities.
These days' employers recognise the importance of team togetherness as people work their best when they are happy so you can look forward to events like employee BBQ’s, work parties and team building events that will make you love your contact center job even more.

There are of course more benefits to working in a contact center but if we keep going we won’t stop – what we want is for you to get in touch with us and see what we can do for you in helping you find a language job abroad.

So stop waiting and get out there – We have over 200 Contact Center Jobs around the World for Language speakers – Click today & build those all-important skills for that dream job of yours.

Working Abroad has never been easier 

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