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Thinking of Working Abroad? Make it Ireland

2015-09-01 12:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Why Live & Work in Ireland?

You may be asking yourself, why would I want to live and work in Ireland – what exactly can it offer me?

Well, Ireland has become an international hub and many multinational companies run their global operations from here, in major cities like Dublin, Cork and Belfast – So there is the promise of a truly unique adventure, amazing career growing opportunities and the chance to get your foot in the door with some of the world’s biggest employers.

Careertrotter is currently working with a number of prestigious employers in Ireland and we have many multilingual jobs just waiting for you in the big cities and towns around Ireland -> Check out our multilingual jobs in Dublin, Cork, Belfast today.

Why work in Ireland – The Big 5

  • The Companies – Who is here?

Ireland is home to many well-known international companies who operate in a number of different sectors – such as IT, Customer Service, Pharmaceuticals. The names of these potential employers will be very familiar to you – Google, Apple, Microsoft, Dell Ireland and many many more. They are on the hunt for multilingual speakers like you to fill a number of language jobs they have that range from entry level/graduate to the most senior of positions. Right now companies are looking more and more for German, French, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish speakers. What should you take from this? - Multilingual speakers – Are in high demand.

  • The Jobs – What have they got?

If the lure of extremely popular and well known employers wasn’t enough to make you think about living and working in Ireland, then perhaps their many language jobs available in multiple sectors will.  Don’t worry about your level of skills, Ireland is looking for the recently graduated to the highly experienced – their one main requirement here is that you speak a second European language – in particular the more desired languages as mentioned above.

  • The Scenery – Yes we are serious!

You may think we are being funny with this but when we say ''Ireland'' you see green fields, tall mountains and a small bit of rain. Ireland has plenty to offer the multilingual traveller on the lookout for their next adventure. We know this because many of our candidates have come back to us when they were happy and settled in their new language job to let us know how they are getting on and how beautiful Ireland is and some of us in the office have taken them up on their suggestions to visit little gems dotted around Ireland.

  • The Irish People – The Friendly Folk.

Thanks to a recent report published by Candé Nast Traveler – we have found that Ireland is known as the second friendliest country in the world. – Which to be honest isn’t news to us. The Irish have always been known for their friendly ways and big hearts, which we know to be true because all of us here are from abroad and came to work in Ireland - we stayed because we fell in love with this beautiful country and its lovely people.

  • Work & Life Balance – Ireland has it all!

In some countries people work to live and others live to work – finding balance is important and according to our candidates, who are a number of German, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish speakers etc. Ireland is a country where balance between work and life is great. Income tax is low – so more of your hard earned money stays with you – thanks to employment laws, employees are entitled to at least 20 days paid holidays and many of our clients actually offer more as well as some amazing benefits.

Ireland has plenty to offer we simply want to let you know what that is – If you are interested get in touch with us as Ireland is looking for German. Dutch and French speakers now in particular. With Careertrotter you can explore the world whilst we help you build your professional skills working abroad.

Register today!

You do the globetrotting – We manage your Career!

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