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I didn’t put it on my CV because I didn’t think it was relevant for the Job

2015-10-01 14:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


If you have been in the working world for over 10 years, then you know that the most recent experience is vital for your CV and that any employment gaps you may have must be accounted for when applying for a language job abroad. 

But for newcomers like recent graduates or perhaps someone who may be looking for a change in their job path, there may be a lack of experience behind them – Which is why any experience anywhere is important to put in your CV, especially when it comes to working abroad - you really want to show possible employers that you have the potential and the skills.

What do we recommend?

Use what you’ve got, don’t knock any experience you may have (especially if you are a starter), many skills can be transferable. Believe it or not: experience is not the be all and end all when it comes to deciding on whether you are good for a job or not – it’s how you can show that the  skills you have picked up in the past can be applied to the possible future job.

We want to see any sort of experience you have because in recruitment all experience is important to us - so if you delete it from your CV – how do we know what language job would be a good fit for you?

We don’t get the chance to see how we can transfer your skills. We’re not knocking it but even working in McDonalds, it can give you some great experience/skills to transfer – it shows you’re trained in protocols, procedures and systems -> See how you can turn your experience into positives instead of leaving it out?

Don’t forget – if an employer finds out that you have left out prior experience on your CV they may just think: ‘’what else is missing?’’ and start to question your job application, which could shake the foundations of a good business relationship.

In this day and age with the Multilingual job market is on the rise and the talent pool is becoming more and more competitive – don’t ruin any possible chances you may have when it comes to working abroad.

If you have taken anything from this blog post let it be this – All Experience is Important, Keep it in Your CV.

IF you are still unsure - feel free to pop one of our recruiters a call - we are always happy to help.

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