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Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans – be spontaneous, grab that language job abroad!

2015-10-21 11:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Every country has its stereotypes: The French with their baguettes, the Spanish needing their siestas and the Germans always being on time, organised and well structured. To be honest, as a German I always felt complimented hearing these kind of adjectives. But since I am working in a Multilingual recruitment agency and dealing with German candidates on a daily basis I see the German stereotype in a whole new way: perfect organisation and meticulously planning everything can lead to a total lack of spontaneity!

I want to show you why you don’t need half a year of reflection and organisation to make the move to work abroad. I want to introduce you to the secret recipe of spontaneity.

  • People like the well-known things, because they feel safe: 

But this positive feeling of habit has its downside: The well-known never allows you to look outside the box. Being spontaneous gets you out of your comfort zone which allows you to experience things you would never had expected before.  These new experiences you gain from working abroad could be better than every well-known thing you were dealing with up to now - Nothing exciting happens in the comfort zone! – Get up, get out & grab that language job abroad.

  • Think about the stories you can tell your grandchildren: 

Sitting in your rocking chair as an 80 year old senior! I am sure your stories won’t sound like ''Well, I lived in a small village and went to my weekly sports class every Monday for 15 years.'', instead they will sound like ''I just bought a ticket to Ireland on impulse and started a new job and life over there''. Spontaneous actions and decisions are the ones which are etched in our brains and are remembered for many years. They stay with us.

  • Getting a Chance: 

For instance, realizing that the job opportunity to work abroad is within your reach, generates impulsive emotions – known as the gut feeling. As many studies show, the gut feeling is more than you could possibly think it is. The gut feeling is an instinct feeling of your subconscious, which involves all complex factors subliminally and tells you straight away what to do and what not to do. You don’t need half a year to ask yourself what the gut says concerning a Multilingual job opportunity  and working abroad. Don’t overthink things when it could be this easy!

Of course you need to be serious about the idea of working abroad, but facing all this you can see that making the move to work abroad does not need half a year organizing ahead, the only thing you definitely need is a hand full of spontaneity!
Addressing all the German guys & gals out there, get rid of old habits like meticulously planning everything, grab the job and make dreams and goals become your reality! – Working abroad – have an adventure

When you look back on your time wouldn't you rather look back and smile than wonder ''what if''?

Be spontaneous and take your chance when it comes to working abroad!

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