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Would James Bond make a good recruiter?

2015-11-02 09:00:00 +0000 by Herbert Croezen


As I have been looking to write a blog about recruiters, detectives and spies for a while perhaps now is time to write one since Spectre has just hit the big screens. Why this comparison you may ask? Well as the aim is to grow Careertrotter, I have been looking for recruiters a lot over the last couple of months. As we tend to hire people without recruitment experience but we see potential in them, one of the most standard answers we get when asking why they would be a good candidate for the job is “I understand people”. Well even after 8+ years in recruitment I still don’t understand people and I have placed plenty of them. So if you are thinking of becoming a recruiter and want to prepare better for an interview perhaps watch a James bond movie (I personally prefer the older versions) and here’s why.

So why would James Bond make a good recruiter?

  • Bond likes to test his opponents

Bond. James, Bond has had some worthy adversaries and he would never be able to beat them without testing them. Whenever the final face off happens, Bond is already aware of what might and might not work with his adversaries. He has tested them and because of this he knows how to go about killing evil once and for all. Candidates and/or clients are not our adversaries but the only way to succeed as a recruiter is testing with them what does and does not work when it comes to sourcing candiddates suitable for working abroad.

  • Bond never gives up

Remember Skyfall where James is out of bullets on the train? You and me might give up, jump of the train to live another day. Not Bond however, he decided to use a digger to reach his end goal. He doesn’t give up even when the going gets tough he hangs in there and gets the job done. When it comes to sourcing for candidates looking to work abroad - I know my team here at Careertrotter do all they can to help both the candidate and the client. I know her majesties secret service would be happy to have them on board.

  • Bond is a man of gadgets

Being a successful spy for her majesties secret service means knowing how to handle different tools and gadgets. On the go and at home. Bond knows how and when to use them. Recruitment isn’t about magnetic watches, cars that become submarines or mini-rocket cigarettes but you certainly need to be able to know how to use a wide range of tools. From plenty of different multilingual job boards, to various ways to connect on social media to mobile applications that allow you to work on the go. More importantly for you and Bond as renowned recruiters should know when to use them.

  • Bond searches actively for action

As a spy Bond is hired to solve things and he actively goes about his business. He does not shy away from action and more importantly he is not waiting around for it. As a recruiter it’s the same, you need to be pro-active and find where your target audience is and if they are not coming to you, you need to go to them. Especially when it comes to finding candidates looking to work abroad - the search may be hard but the rewards are worth it. Bond gets the girl - we get placements.

  • Bond is chirpy when all looks bad

Bond has a great way of looking at things when the odds are against him. Whether he is facing hundreds of men, sharks or about to lose his footing and fall to crocs, he is never down. That might just be one of the most important things you need to be prepared for as recruiter. When your pipeline is low, candidates reject job offers abroad etc. you will have to stay positive as the only way is up!

So would I hire James Bond? Yes, I would but only if Q would approve and Miss Money Penny could work from home!

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