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Facts About Body Language That You Can Take with you to an Interview

2015-12-14 09:00:00 +0000 by Kellie Anne Molloy


Stand tall”, “Don’t make such a face” and “Smile when you say hello to Aunt Annie” – these are sentences we've all heard a hundred times during our childhood.
As a child, I never understood why having positive body language was that valuable. Today, knowing all the effects of body language, I want to show you why our parents were not all that wrong giving us such valuable advice. With regards to a face-to-face multilingual job interview, it is all about your body language. Be Warned the following advice will have you acing your next interview for a great language job abroad!

  • Did you know that the first impression is composed of 93% of nonverbal communication?

It's not what you say, its how you say it. Our spoken words only matter for 7% in a conversation with someone you've just met. Contrary to that 38% of our tone of voice and 55% of our body movements are forming the main part of someones first impression of us.
It is clear to see just how important body language is now, isn't it? 
It seems to be more relevant focusing on small gestures, like shaking hands, wearing a smile and having a positive attitude. Thus, additionally to preparing the correct answers for a multilingual job interview don’t forget to pay attention to your body language in order to wow your interviewer.

  • Did you know that smiling makes you happy?

Smiling and happiness are not only connected to one another unidirectionally. It is known that we smile when we are feeling happy, but studies also show that you become happy when you simply put a smile on, even you don't feel like doing so at that time.
Putting a pen between your top lip and your nose and trying to hold it significantly improves your mood. What do we learn from that? Smile away all your doubts and anxieties!

  • Did you know that the power pose makes you act powerfully?

Body language is inherent, looking for instance at the power pose like raising your arms and making yourself tall, you can see that even monkeys use it. Even when you are not feeling powerful this pose can make you act powerfully. Studies showed that making a powerful pose in front of the mirror increases the success rate in a face-to-face interview. It can't hurt your odds why not try it before you go for your interview.

  • Did you know that body language has effects on your hormone levels?

Moreover, making a power pose increases your Testosterone level and reduces your levels of stress hormones. Facing this you can see that your body language not only changes your behavior but also leads to physical changes – it changes who you are. Make yourself tall and become tall!

Not what you expected? Me neither! Pay attention to your body language and increase your nonverbal impact to your interviewer. Make the small gestures matter, succeed in your job interview and start your adventure abroad tomorrow!

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