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6.5 Reasons why Scandinavians would love to live & work in Ireland?

2016-01-04 09:00:00 +0000 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


In the last 3 years I have had the chance to experience a number of amazing countries because I made the leap to work abroad.  From North America to Australia and of course, Europe. I was particularly blessed to have an opportunity to live & work in Norway – a magnificent country with kind, open-minded people.
Sadly, it didn’t work out, but besides for a phenomenal road trip across the country, I came back with a decent picture of the people, their customs and their way of living & working in their day-to-day life. Talking with people I made up my mind in terms of what might appeal to Scandinavians (I am including Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Danish folk). Based on that, here are my upsides for anyone from the Northern reaches of Europe to move down – to Ireland. Check’em out:

  • Amazing, friendly people

 So many people say that the “Scandinavians are cold people”. Although I do not totally agree with this, I do recognize that there are some cultural differences to factor in. What I can tell you is that one thing I’ve heard so many times already by people who want to move to live & work Ireland is: “I love Irish people, they’re so open and friendly”. And I definitely agree with that. Almost any Irish person I met has welcomed me with a wide-open smile, a “How are you? What’s the crack?” and the guaranteed “cuppa” (a cup, of tea or coffee). You’ll feel at home – if not better – with everyone and everywhere here, from your new flatmates to the local pub, from the gaelic game at the stadium to, of course, your new language job in your new workplace!

  • It’s warmer!

​​Alright, I know we’re not talking about Italy, Spain or Greece, but Ireland – compared to Scandinavian countries – it’s on the warm side. Being an island it never gets too cold (I am writing in late December and most early mornings these days temperatures aren’t below 8 degrees!). It doesn’t snow much – if it does at all! And on top of that, yes, although it does rain frequently, most of the time its for short periods. Rainfall is high, but at the end of the day... that’s what gives Ireland its renowned 50 shades of green right?!

  • Winter daylight 

If you live, say, in Oslo, the amount of daylight you’d gain by living & working in Dublin at the peak of the winter would be around 75 minutes in one day. If you were to live further North, the difference could be massive. I remember the feeling of dark, snowy, too short winter days and didn’t cope with that too well. You won’t get to see the midnight sun quite yet down here, but you’ll gain better sleep during the summer and longer days during the winter!

  • The “Melting Pot”

 Especially in the big cities,  living & working in Ireland will prove to be one of the best places in Europe (if not THE best) to live in a truly multicultural environment. People come here from all over Europe, and I’d say, the world, attracted by several things, for some a language job in the IT industry, for others just the Irish culture and vibe.
In Dublin’s streets you won’t take 10 steps without hearing a foreign language: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese and so many others (that are not named just because I cannot really tell what they are!!). Do you want to hang out with people coming from outside your neighbourhood? We’ve got your back here.

  • Sport culture

Before I came here I didn’t know what “passionate for sports” meant I guess. Irish people are just mad into sports, especially their own: gaelic football and hurling. Being non-professional leagues (the players are not paid) would put some people off. Not here: the pride, the excitement, the commitment and the pure enjoyment are overwhelming. I still struggle to understand how people do it, but it’s amazing! I remember loads, loads of people doing sports in Norway – winter ones, yes, but soccer as well, just to name one. If you’re the one all into sports, the one who likes to play it and to have a hearthy chat about the latest news from the sports world, you need to come over!!

  • Well.. How about the economy?! 

According to this article by the Independent Ireland’s economy is set to grow at a 6% rate for 2015. That is, as underlined by the writer, 3 times the EU average – and above any Scandinavian country as well! It speaks for itself, especially compared to most other EU destinations, Scandinavians looking to live & work in Ireland would make for a wise choice for your professional career.

I bet I’m missing some other awesome reasons. I’m sure.  At the end, that is the last half reason for which Scandinavians interested in working abroad should already have their flight tickets to Ireland!!

The opportunity to relocate and work abroad is something I can help you with, by the way.. so don’t forget to contact me at if you feel like this is what you’re looking for!

Best of luck!

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