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Why go to a Multilingual Recruitment Agency – Why Careertrotter

2016-01-11 09:00:00 +0000 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


2016 – The year of the Multilingual recruiter – but not just any recruiter – The Careertrotter Recruiters.

We believe it is time for jobseekers like yourselves to join us and let us help you in your job search. Multilingual Recruitment is changing, more and more companies are going to agencies to source their candidates for them because they trust in their services. Don’t believe us? Check out our clients review page.

We are not just saying go to just any old agency – we are saying to come to us – we are an agency with a difference and we’re here to tell you why you should register with Careertrotter today.


  • We Know the Industry:

We know how it works and what makes it tick – that way we are able to take all of the stress and worry off of your shoulders. 

  • Razzle Dazzle Job Descriptions: 

To read some job descriptions out there, you would almost need to swallow a dictionary. But not to worry because we are the perfect translators and we will give you all the information you need in one bite size piece.

  • Close Buddies:

Being in the multilingual recruitment business as long as we have, we have built some pretty amazing relationships with our clients all over Europe and it is fair to say that have come to trust us. As a jobseeker it is hard to go it alone when applying for  multilingual jobs. In today’s world a company is more likely to look at agency CV’s before they look at one lone CV coming in from someone they don’t know. 

  • No Time Wasting: 

Before we even call you we have done our research, we know the company and the job description inside out – we have found your CV, checked out your employment history and believe you are a good fit. We don’t deal in time wasting. Other agencies may send you a number of different language job specs that may not be of any interest to you. 

We like to do our homework, so that when we ring you, it's for a multilingual job you will definitely want to know more about. Trust us when we say that we work differently.  How you may ask? Well it is down to our very unique screening process. We're not afraid to ask ''Why?'' that way we get all the information we need to avoid any surprises along the interview process and it helps you have a smoother ride to getting a multilingual job that will help build your career at home and abroad. 

  • Content Unavailable: 

We sometimes have multilingual jobs that are not even advertised on the company’s website or even on job boards, so your dream job could be out there without you even knowing about it.

  • Money Money Money: 

We save companies money doing what we do. We do the research, the screening, the preparation, all the company has to do is interview you and the jobs done. So you can see why companies love us and trust us – why not get on board?

  • Failure to prepare – Prepare to Fail: 

We help prepare you for the initial introduction to the company with your CV and again with the preparation for the interview. We listen to your worries and doubts, we are your point of contact with the company and get all the answers you need from them.

  • You won’t be left in the Dark: 

We chase feedback for you. Long gone are the days of waiting for the ever important email/phone to let you know whether you have gotten that language job abroad or not. We do all that for you, we may come across as the over protective girlfriend a little but we do all for you.

  • Always here to help: 

Even when we have placed you in a job you love, we are still there for you if you have any questions about what to do next for your career and how we can help. We are THE multilingual recruitment agency that is with you 100%.

  • Last but by no means least: 

We’re a FREE service folks – 100% free for job seekers now and forever

Make 2016 the year you find the Multilingual job you’ve been waiting for by working with us here at Careertrotter – The Multilingual Recruitment Specialists.

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