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Getting into the mind of a Recruiter

2016-02-29 09:00:00 +0000 by Céline Ferhani


Dear Jobseekers,

When you are in the middle of your language job search, I am sure you send many CV’s to a number of different companies, job boards and to recruitment agencies like ourselves and you either don’t hear back or you receive some negative responses? I understand, it can be extremely frustrating & there are various ways that you can react in this situation.

  • Non Productive Way – You can sit & cry complaining about us recruiters
  • Productive Way – You can stop for a second & ask yourself why? ‘’What can I do to speak with a recruiter so that I can have the chance to defend my CV?’’

Recruiters Advice:

Did you really read the job spec of the languagejob you applied for?

Working in Multilingual recruitment, I have received many CV’s that unfortunately don’t show me any of the relevant experience or knowledge required for the language jobs that some candidates have applied for. So if you think about applying for a language job where you may have needed to work with specific software and you know that you haven’t OR you forgot to put it on your CV – There is a strong chance that we will not call you.

Standing out from the crowd.

Bear in mind – we receive over 100 CV’s a day – so I would strongly recommend having a CV that makes a recruiter stop in their tracks and the best way to do that is to make your CV clear and easy to read. It is said that many recruiters spend on average 6 seconds per CV – Think about the poor recruiters who receive a CV without spaces and underlines that make it easy to read.

  • Add bullet points when describing previous language jobs you've have at home and/or abroad.
  • Use Keywords – Cheat a little and use the same buzz words that you saw in the language Job Spec to grab our attention.

Doing some of these small changes can dramatically increase your chances of being called.

Honesty is the BEST Policy

Telling the truth is vital when looking for a language job abroad, especially to your recruiter – If you apply for a language job but you are not sure about it – let us know and we will help you through your decision – Any doubts or questions – we are just a call away.

In terms of telling the truth – we would also like to know if you have applied elsewhere – so if you're in process for other language jobs – is it really worth going for this language job with us if you are not genuinely interested? Best not to waste both yours and our time.

Your Availability

As a recruiter, I know it’s not easy to make time for a job search when looking to work abroad especially when you are currently working – at Careertrotter we try our best to be as flexible as possible – that’s why we don’t just work 9 – 5. We understand that life is hectic so we work longer hours to help fit around your time.

  • If you can’t answer your phone during work hours – it’s ok, we understand. But everyone has short breaks during the day & all we ask is that you let us know when we can call you or if you can call us.
  • We will send you emails – notifying you that we tried to call and couldn’t get through. Don’t forget to get back to us, letting us know when is best.
  • Of course, as I said – Life gets in the way – so if we don’t get back to you at the exact time we arranged, please don’t be upset, we spend a good chunk of our day on the phone & some calls run longer than expected or we may be called for a meeting – BUT I can personally guarantee that always get back to you.


If you are clear with us then we are clear with you. If you tell us that you will send documents and forms at a specific time – please do so. You set up expectations and we let our clients know when to expect them – If you don’t send them we look silly and your reputation with a possible employer is diminished.

Don’t hide behind your screen:

When candidates email us with ‘’Can you send me the language job spec & I’ll get back to you’’ it can be quite disheartening. We have a process. We like to have your CV in front of us when we are talking to you and the majority of the time something important is always left out.

So if we are calling you – it’s a sign that your CV intrigued us and we would like to talk some more. As we work internationally, there is a lot of things we need to discuss with YOU.

Talking over email is so impersonal and we like to get to know our jobseekers – the more we know the better the language job fit we can get you.

Keep in Touch

If you’ve followed my last 4 steps, then you could find yourself in the great position of going through an interview process for a great language job abroad.

REMEMBER: In the interview process – you will be in constant contact with your recruiter – we give you a call almost every day as soon as the client comes back to us saying that they are interested in you.

                Why call so often?

We need to check your availability for language/online tests and interviews, give you confirmation on dates, prepare you for the interview, follow up and to simply have a chat with you over how you are feeling throughout the process.

Take our feedback positively

You know what they say – ‘’There’s no such thing as bad press’’ – same goes when it comes to receiving feedback. When we come back to you with feedback on for Example: Your CV – you may not like is being said – but it honestly gives you a better chance to attract us recruiters.

When we give you advice before the interview -  again you may not be fond of hearing it (don’t interrupt when the interviewer is talking) – the whole point here is help your application be more successful.

So all in all – take my advice on board – it’s a relationship of trust that we want to build. We want to find you that perfect fit. That Perfect Language Job abroad.

Yours sincerely,

Celine Ferhani
International Multilingual Recruitment Consultant 

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