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Language/Online Tests - The pitfalls & our guide to avoid them

2016-02-01 09:00:00 +0000 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


In multilingual recruitment – there is only so much we can help you with. For example, many of our jobseekers are asked to take a quick test – these could be in the form of a language test, online test or even a personality test. They are pretty common when applying for multilingual jobs so there is no need to worry.

When we say that there is only so much we can help with we mean; you could be the perfect fit for that language job that we have in mind but if you are careless in one of your language/online tests then there is nothing that can be done. We’re not trying to scare you, we just want to let you know that there is a quick check list to stop this from happening.

Sit back, relax & get ready to ace that language/online test.

Mistakes Some Make:

  • Skimming Along:

What we mean here is that you need to take your time reading instructions because if you don’t, you may miss a vital piece of information and you could be giving an entirely different answer then what your potential employer is looking for. Do you really want to show an employer that your ‘Eye For Detail’ has the occasional holiday?

Trotter Tip: Take your time, relax, keep a window open, have a clear space.

  • Grammar Errors:

We totally get it, you're nervous, you’re excited – we’re only human right?

Well silly mistakes like the misspelling of words may not be taken lightly by the employer – they will see it as your one chance to impress and that you were careless.

Trotter Tip: Check, Check and re-check your work before submission – even if you finish early – use up every second you have been given. Those last 10 minutes you didn’t use could be the difference between you still searching for a multilingual job OR you walking in on Monday to your new language job.

  • Don’t tell me what I want to hear:

If you’ve gotten this far in the interview process for that great language job abroad that means you’ve passed our screening stage, the company liked your CV and they are willing to take it to the next level.

This also means that you have done your homework and by now you know all there is to know about the company. Naturally from the job spec and your research you will know what they are looking for but that does not mean that you tailor your answers to fit. You are not on trial for how much you know about the company, they are trying to evaluate your knowledge on a particular situation – so don't waste this opportunity – show them you know your stuff.

  • Don’t over complicate it:

We all want to sound smart and that’s great but when you are sitting a language test and use over complicated words, it may mix up the message you are trying to send. The best thing to do is to keep it clear and simple. Keep it to the point and we’ll all be happy in the end.

Trotter Tip: Use the KISS method Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. 

  • Don’t use Google Translate:

This is a tip especially for those who are going to sit a language test – Google translate can be great for the odd word translation but do not use it for sentences and paragraphs. It will not help you.

Translate into your own language and see how bad the results are and you will know what we mean.

Our guide for Acing the Language Test:

  • Take your time
  • Give equal amounts of importance to each section of your language/online test
  • Proof read again & again
  • Use all the time given to you – you only have 1 chance – make it count
  • Relax & stay calm 
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