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10,000 Zloty per Month | German Job in Krakow - What can you do with that much money?

2016-03-28 09:00:00 +0100 by Herbert Croezen


Here we have a German job abroad post with a twist - Today folks we have a new German speaking job in Krakow as a Product Support Analyst. Working in this German IT Job means that you will be earning 10,000 zloty gross per month (which is above average). 

But that got us thinking - maybe people don't know what it is that 10,000 zloty can get them - after all Poland does not deal in Euro so you might not know how much bang you can get for your buck. 

10,000 Zloty Breakdown:

10,000 zloty per month can get you - more that 2 tonnes of bananas or more than 4,000 litres of milk. Not a milk fan? perhaps cheese is more your thing & 10,000 zloty can get you half a tonne of it. 

All jokes aside, we thought it would be a good thing to know how you can live like a King/Queen in Poland for this salary. Depending on your personal circumstances of course you could be looking at coming home with 7,000 zloty per month (if you are single with no children) - If your curcumstances are different you can calculate how much you will bring home with -> Calculla.

  • Where could you live?

Property Krakow has some great places online we found:

This 3rd floor, 4 bed, 2 bath apartment for just 3,900 zloty per month and its only 1 km from the city center - what a steal. Of course if that doesn't float your boat, you could save some dough and check out this 2nd floor, 2 bed, 2 bath apartment that is only 2km from the city center & is 2500 zloty per month. 

  • Getting Around:

You can always look into buying a car to jet around the city but to be honest it would probably be quicker and cheaper to take public transport - this way you can avoid trtaffic jams in rush hour, you wouldn't have to worry about finding a car park space and of course there would be no worry about the overall wear and tear of the car itself. 
Public transport in Krakow is very good, you don't need to worry about delays - A monthly ticket would only cost you around 90 zloty - which is certainly much cheaper then getting a car outon the road. 

  • Eating out OR Eating In?

If you like eating out how does eating at Introligatornia Smaku sound? A 3 course meal of:

  • Beef tenderloin with onion, pickled cucumber, wild mushroom, quail egg yolk, anchovies and capers
  • Trout Fillet with fried mushrooms & roasted Veg
  • Chocolate souffle with ice cream & raspberry
  • Glass of Red Wine

All for 88 zloty (That's about €20)

Maybe you fancy a night in? well the average cost of your home basics can be found on numbeo but here is a quick run through just for you:

Milk   2.20 - 3.00                                             Bread 2.00 - 3.20

Eggs(12) 5.00 - 8.00                                       Beef (1KG) 25.00 - 40.00

Beer  (0.5 liter bottle) 2.50 - 3.50              Bottled Wine  16.00 - 3.00         Cigarettes 14.00 - 16.00

  • A Night on the Town:

Whether you have eaten out or where a chef for the night in your own kitchen - Krawl through Krakow has a number of offers to help you kick start your night out - for example they coud have a 60zloty VIP entrance to clubs, seaasonal events ans the Power Hour where you can enjoy varieties of beer, wine, spirits & shots depending on your preference. It is important to not that beer in Krakow is extremely cheap at only 6 zloty. 

Tripadvisor has more to do to.

  • Getting out & about:

Perhaps you are more of a movie fan? Well since the majority of movies shown are either in English or sub titled you shoudl be fine. Ticket prices vary dependig on where you go so on average you could be looking at paying 24 zloty to see the next big film. 

If your are a sports fanatic - a monthly gym membership card is only 164 zloty per month - if that's not for you then how about a bit of shopping instead? In Krakow you can get Levis jeans for 250 zloty or maybe some new Nikes for 264 zloty with the addition of a nice summer dress for 129 zloty in Zara. 

What ever it is that you are into - A monthly salary of 10,000 zloty per month can have you living in the lap of luxery - so why not check out our multilingual jobs in Krakow today & go explore Krakow for yourself. 

Register today and send us your CV in English or in German.
Any questions? No problem, call us: +353 15 24 24 20. We will be glad to help you.

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