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Living & Working in Ireland - Part 1

2016-03-14 09:00:00 +0000 by


Why Live & Work in Ireland?

As many of you know, Careertrotter is based in the capital city of Ireland - Dublin, and a number of the language jobs we have to offer are in fact in Ireland but many don’t even think about coming to Ireland for work. So we asked ourselves: Why? Our own team here is from different parts of the world: Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Romania and of course Ireland too. Why did we decide to work abroad and why did we pick Ireland?

Herbert our boss, was handed a free newspaper where he found a Language job (a Dutch speaking job in fact) that brought him to Ireland. Rike came here on holidays and fell immediately in love with the country. Andrei arrived together with his fiancé because of his family who welcomed him with open arms here in Ireland. Céline came here to help a friend who wanted to start a business in Ireland. Anneloes followed her heart because her boyfriend was offered a multilingual job in Dublin. Kellie Anne (Full Irish but has made it her business to travel throughout Ireland before going to work abroad), well our marketing manager has only started her travelling adventures but she knows her heart belongs here in this rich country.

Almost everyone here “stranded” somehow in Ireland, but what I find interesting is that the language job abroad was rarely the driving force. Ireland certainly has more to offer than just Guinness. If you love sports: Gaelic Football, Hurling, Rugby and Soccer is played here. If experiencing new cultures is your thing: music, poetry and literature have a long tradition in Ireland. Yeats and Kavanagh are only two famous Irish poets who have to be mentioned as their poetry is legendary. The Irish are still known to love digging into some traditional Irish trad music and having a great time in Irish festivals – an event not too be missed. Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker were both from Ireland and are famous for The Picture of Dorian Gray (by Wilde) and Dracula (by Stoker). Maybe you can solve the mystery of immortality in Irish literature. Nature in Ireland of course is not to be forgotten, you can lose yourself in her beauty – there’s a reason why Ireland is known as the green isle, there is always something new just around the corner - But of course if you like there is also the excitement of the city buzz in the likes of Dublin and Cork.

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 Maybe you need magic to show you the way. The cloverleaf, or shamrock as the Irish call it, is known as an Irish national symbol that is said to have magical effects. The shamrock is not only a symbol for luck according to ancient traditions, it has more to offer. It is said, that putting ground shamrock in your eyes makes you see an isle of fairies. Everyone should remember their own childhood now where fairy tales and fantasy were so overwhelming that every wish and every magical moment had come true in front of your eyes. Even the brothers Grimm took some of the Irish fairy tales into their collection.

If we look at mythology in Ireland one thing sticks out, the shamrock as a symbol of luck floating above everything. It does not only reflect the colour of the green Isle but also luck and, what I kept secret until now, love. Looking at the stories of our team, love and luck can be found in every single one. While sitting here and writing this text about the others, I can say one thing is for sure: Everyone feels really lucky about being “stranded” in Ireland and everyone came here for the same reason: Love.

So as you can see Ireland has much to offer. Follow our blog week to get more information about the different aspects of Ireland & what it has to offer globetrotters like ourselves when it comes to looking for a new life to work abroad. 

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