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Nature in Ireland - The Last & Final Chapter of the Living & Working in Ireland Series

2016-03-18 08:00:00 +0000 by


The most important thing to us all when we decide to make the move to live and work abroad is that you can feel at home. You've settled in and made a cosy safe haven in your new home here in Ireland... What to do now? 

It's time to EXPLORE

As a team we have all sat around and talked about our little adventures in Ireland since we've come to work here and they have inspired many more. So whether you live in cities like Dublin or Cork - make a plan to get out of there for the day or perhaps make a weekend out of it. You never know what's around the next corner - I myself recently went on the Game of Thrones tour and I can tell you that even if you don't know about this amazing series (like me), it's worth it.

  • Calming Waters

Not much can beat the sound of running water, waves crashing against the rocks at the cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare, streams slipping through the pebbles at Graystones beach in Wicklow - what ever it is it has such a calming effect on me. You get to take a deep breath, smell the fresh cool air around you and all you worries wash away. when living & working in Ireland there is plenty of chances to relax and find you moments of serenity, whether it be in the city parks or near the coast in Kerry or perhaps Sligo where there are some hidden treasures like waterfalls hidden walkways. Ofcourse you don't need to leave the city if its a quick break you are looking for - in Dublin there is an extremely fun Viking Tour of the city and the River Liffey. 

  • Mystical Forests 

For some, heading to the forsts or woods (as the Irish would call them) can be a gloomy expereince, for others its rather enjoyable. In Ireland ''If you go down to the woods today - you're sure for a big surprise'' as some of them are known to be haunted or full of fairies. Of course if you don't get to see anything magical you will see some beautiful old ruins and buildings from the middle ages like in the 7 wonders of Fore in Westmeath. The crunch of leaves under your feet and the snap of the twigs making the forest come to life can have a magical effect on you - I know it did for me, I strongly recommend going out to the woods today and get back to mother nature. 

  • Ireland - Home of the 40 shades of Green

We can't talk about Nature in Ireland and not talk about the landscapre. There is a reason why Ireland is called the ''Green Isle''. For Miles around, there is vast acres of Green fields dotted with cattle and sheep. However if you so much a gree fan there is plenty more to see, for example there is the Burren meaning 'Great Rock' - It almost looks like someone wanted to hide the green lands with an immense amount of rock. If Stones and pebbles aren't your thing there is the Boyne Valley thats looks like (depending on who you talk to) crops circles or gigantic tear drops/ripples which left a mark in the earth. Last but not least in Giant's Causeway in Belfast - this stretch of is a geographical phenomenon. Legend says that it Finn McCool who built it because of an ongoing fued between the massive Scottish Giant 'Benandonner'' and Finn built it up in order to make it easier to fight his enemy. 

As you can see: Ireland is a perfect spot for both nature lovers and those who love some city living - Ireland has it all. 
When it comes to working abroad - Living & working in Ireland in my opinion is the way to go.

That's it for our Irish speacial this week in honour of St. Patricks Day. 

If you believe that Ireland is the place for you - Get in touch with us on +353 15 24 24 20 & lets see what jobs we have to suit your skills today. 

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