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St Patrick's Day - Religion & Mythology in Ireland - Part 4

2016-03-17 09:00:00 +0000 by Alan Jarque


What with it being St. Patricks day - it would be mad not talk about the man himself, the beauty of the colour green and what it is that happens in Ireland during Paddy's Day. 

You can't talk about St. Patrick & not talk about the other various factors to the mythical side of Ireland & what you can expect when looking to live & work in Ireland. What we mean is all the myths about vampires, fairies and of course the Leprechauns.

  • St. Patrick: Who is he?

How did this man become a saint - a patron saint in fact? Well, it all starts with a young 16-year-old boy who was kidnapped by an Irish raiding party and brought Paddy to Ireland as a Slave. For 6 years he was to herd sheep at night and one night Patrick had a dream that an angel of the Lord came to him and told him about a ship that was leaving Ireland near Dublin and that he should make his way to it. Patrick did so and was soon reunited with his family, who prayed for his return those long 6 years. Upon his return, he had realized that could have a job (perhaps a language job? wink) in the church and became a priest. Even though he was made a slave in Ireland, he had asked to return as a missionary to the green isles -  working in Ireland was his dream is it yours?. 

  • The question still remains - Why was he so special? 

Well, he spoke fluent Irish, he knew the culture and respected it. Even when he went back to help convert the Irish, he never pushed - in fact, the Celtic cross is the only example today that shows that Partick was able to mix the old Irish belief's with the new - which is of course impressive. 

The Importance of the Colour Green? 
St. Patrick was originally known to be a wearer of the colour blue. However, we all know that Ireland isn't exactly popular for its sunny weather and that it does rain quite a bit. It is the rain that and the mist that gives Ireland its mystical feel. Therefore, Ireland is known under many names like the ''Emerald Isle'' due to its beautiful landscapes, which is probably why green is the national colour. Green today is considered to bring you luck especially when worn on St. Patricks Day. 

  • What is St. Patrick's Day all about? 

Paddy's day: an event that used to have Ireland halt to a stop while they celebrate their patron saints day has spread to other countries around the world - Don't believe me? Check out IDA Ireland's latest video on ''The World Goes Green''. Why? Well, it has to do with the international love that other countries have for the Irish - they are a lovely race and I love being here - coming to live & work in Ireland is one of the best decisions I ever made.  

Back to the point - Paddy's day is all about celebrating their thanks to God for the gift of this great Saint -  who among other things used a Shamrock to explain how there can be 3 divine entities in the one God. Which is probably one of the main reasons why when we see shamrocks we think of Ireland & why we associate luck with having a shamrock because it brings the luck of the Irish. 

A Walk on the Mystical Side

Yes, I’m talking about vampires. “But they are from Transylvania, why are you talking about that?” The answer is easy because the vampires’ originate from Ireland. It all started with the story of Dearg-due, which means “red blood sucker”. A young Irish girl, who was known throughout the country for her beauty, fell in love with a local peasant. Her father, who didn’t accept their love, forced her into an arranged marriage with a rich man who treated her terribly. Eventually, she committed suicide. One night, she rose up from her grave to take revenge on her father and husband by sucking their blood until they dropped dead. Nowadays it is said that she’s rising once a year to haunt young men. 
It is suspected that Bram Stoker took that story to create his own. He used the word Dreach-Fhoula, which is pronounced droc’ola and means “bad” or “tainted blood”, and made Dracula out of it. 

  • Fairies in Ireland

Beware, you don’t want to meet one. Fairies can take any form they wish but usually, they choose to look like a human. The real problem is that they are said to be beautiful, powerful and hard to resist. So where is the problem? They love to bring misfortune and bad luck.

  • The Leprechaun

Known all over the world, the Leprechaun. They are also fairies but these are special. They appear as old men and love to collect gold, which they store in a pot and hide at the end of a rainbow. However, if you get the chance to catch one of those guys he has to grant you three wishes before he can be released. But be careful what you wish for because these little men have a way of twisting your wishes so you may not end up with want you wished for.

These are just a few of what is to discover in Ireland - the best way to learn more is to come over yourself and get to know the locals - Experience Ireland for yourself - Live & work in Ireland with our help - Want to know how to do that? 

The answer is simple - Careertrotter has the golden ticket - Get a language job in Ireland with us & we'll get you there. 

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