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From Germany to Ireland - Working Abroad - Julien's Story

2016-04-14 11:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Meet Julien, a past intern of ours who joined our internship programHe is originally from Germany and was looking for an experience abroad. After having a chat with him we thought this would be a great opportunity to share his story, with his permission of course on his journey when deciding to live and work abroad. Here is Julien’s story.

‘’What does it mean to work abroad for me? Why did I do it?’

Well I could have stayed at home but what then? I don’t know. Most of the time I can’t give a valid reason for doing what I do, I generally just do it. Life is short, so I stopped thinking about ‘why’ and started thinking ‘how’, since then everything has changed and life has become much easier.

It was only a few weeks ago that I read that the only thing most of us regret is the things we didn’t do – it was simple – I would rather regret something that I actually did instead of regretting the ‘What if’’. With that in mind I should let you know that to this day I don’t regret a thing.

So why did I want to work abroad? Well it was mainly to improve my English, because English is the language of business these days so why not, why not gain another skill to add to the CV and the chance to explore and experience new things? To be honest the best decisions I have made in my life have always been the ones that I didn’t have time to think about – They don’t call it jumping in for a reason.


The reason I am here living and working in Ireland is actually because my contact for an internship in New York never got back to me for some reason so I had to make quick decisions on where to go for working abroad and for me I was really lucky. A fellow student in Germany had told me that she was half Irish and she had told me about her time in Ireland, it sounded amazing and I had always heard that the Irish are a friendly bunch so immediately I thought ‘’Ireland is the place to be’’.

Within a week of making that particular decision, I had the internship in Careertrotter and even sitting here a few weeks into my internship, it feels like a tale from a story book – it all happened so fast, every obstacle I faced on my way here – politely moved out of my way – I mean this only happens in fairy tales right?

Anyways, I’m here in Careertrotter and they are giving me the chance to grow and develop my own ideas – I am encouraged to grow here, my ideas are listened to. What’s great is that some of my ideas have already been taken on board and used. If I am perfectly honest, I was a bit afraid that whatever internship I was in, I was going to be the tea and coffee guy, that I would be stuck by the printer photocopying documents and that would be it. I am here in working in Dublin a few weeks now and even though I forgot to look into a few things before coming here, it was totally worth it.

Anything I forgot to look into can really be sorted by money, ‘’Money makes the world go round’’ right? and that is why it is so important to have some savings before you go anywhere when it comes to living and working abroad and I am thankful that I did. The guys here always like to make sure that before anyone makes the move to work abroad that their multilingual jobseekers have some savings just to be on the safe side – believe me when I say these guys care about you, they want you to have a great experience when working abroad just as much as you do. So what I would recommend is that if you are to think about just 1 thing before going to work abroad, I would make it money because everything else sorts itself out.

Some expats are worried that they would be lonely, that they would be homesick. That’s fair enough, even I had this worry and if I were rich I could have flown home to Germany every weekend to my family and friends, but that wasn’t the experience I wanted. I set out on an adventure, so I went out to make new friends.

Right now I live with 2 other people,1 is from Brazil and the other from France – I get to learn about the Irish as well as 2 other cultures which is really cool.

Just last week we organised a party and invited our neighbours and if you open up like me, you will never stop making friends. I wish I had more time here in Dublin but unfortunately, study calls and I am soon to go back to Germany. I will miss my new friends but we can stay in touch.

One thing is for sure, Ireland, I will be back. You gave me a great adventure – so get ready for the next one.

To all current and future expats listening – there are so many possibilities abroad – you just have to be open for them. 

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