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How to attract A+ Multilingual Talent to Work Abroad

2016-04-25 08:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Imagine this: You as a company are looking to grow – you may have a new office that you are looking to fill with some A+ Multilingual talent. You’ve written up the Multilingual Job Specs and you’ve put it out there on the Big World Wide Web – You may have used Multilingual Recruitment Agencies like ourselves or perhaps you went down the job board route. Think your done and dusted and the CV’s are just going to roll on in?

In today’s world, attracting A+ Multilingual talent is becoming more and more like a popularity test. As you look for amazing language speaking jobseekers to work for you, jobseekers are looking for attractive companies that they wish to work for – sending out the job spec and wishing for the best just doesn’t cut it anymore. Companies are under more pressure each day to be able to provide for their employees.

Being in the multilingual recruitment business 6 years now – we have listened to job seekers and what they are really looking for. We know money makes the world go round but in today’s world it’s not the only motivator. Scroll on down to see how you as an employer can attract yourself some amazing A+ multilingual talent today with our help.

  • Career Prospects

When it comes to looking for a new multilingual job, especially for a language job abroad – we would all like to think that when we start, each day we go in we are building to something more, that we are climbing the ladder. As an employer it is up to you to point out the career prospects that your company can offer potential employees. Perhaps you promote internally, you reward loyal members etc. No one wants to be stuck in the same language job forever – Motivate them with the chance to grow.

  • Company Personality

Jobseekers love the idea of working for Google or Facebook but why is that?

Well, it’s mainly because both companies have a very obvious calling card – Fun

With Google’s Slides and Facebooks bean bag chairs, it’s hard not to want to work for these loveable brands – they promote fun at work, they are incredibly social and they look after their employees. If you think about it – no one wants to associate with an antisocial person, so why would they want to go work abroad for an antisocial company?

  • Good Social Media

With over 1.44 billion users on Facebook and around 305 million on Twitter and the average time people spend on social media per day is around 3 hours. Naturally, jobseekers are going to check out companies and what they are doing, so the best way to build your brand and following is to be active on social media. Share industry tid bits, pictures of your office, your team etc. let jobseekers see what they could be a part of. You need to get into the mind set of your potential employees, think of expats - they may not be familiar with your brand so your social media channels allows them to get a glimpse of your world. Having a creative and active social presence will most definitely help you attract A+ multilingual talent.

  • Check your Glassdoor Account

As we have written before on Glassdoor, we know to take what is written there most of the time with a pinch of salt. But we are not the jobseeker – no one likes to see bad reviews of where they may eat, sleep or holiday and it’s the exact same with where they will work - even more so when they are looking to work abroad. Keep an eye on your glassdoor account and if there is something bad there – find out why, it could be fixable and ultimately make your company better for it.

  • The Job Description

For Job Descriptions we ourselves use our very own in house templates that our marketing manager writes for each client – what we would strongly recommend is writing job specs that are 100% geared towards the jobseeker – use the same language they would, keep it simple and keep it clear – you can’t go wrong with that. 

When looking for specific language speakers of course we would recommend writing the job in their native tongue - just like we've done for German speakers on Careertrotter Germany and on Careertrotter Netherlands.

  • Office Visuals

No one and I repeat no one wants to work abroad in an office that with no colour and no personality to it. Add a splash of colour, some potted plants a fish tank. Whatever suits your brands personality more – People look at much more than the job title and the salary, they will be working there every day – make them comfortable, make it…. Enjoyable.

  • Success Stories 

Everyone likes a happy ending so why not share yours? Share the stories of those who have come from abroad to work for you - let our expats know what is out there and what they have to look forward to. Success Stories are always fun to read and inspiring to hear - it shows all that you are interested and invested in your employees, so don't miss out and post yours today.

  • The Social Side

It’s always great to get the team together to have a laugh – it promotes cohesion, boosts morale, better relationships, allows those working abroad ease into the team and build a support network and not to mention you will increase productivity – the list goes on but they are all benefits. Trust us on this. Having activities like team building exercises every now and then can only make your company and your team stronger. These activities can then be shared on your social media channels and it again backups the fact that you are a good company to work for.

  • Relocation Support

Those looking to work abroad usually look for a company who can help them in someway to get there - to them it is like an open invitation, a way of saying that you are happy to have them join the team. Of course this doesn't have to be financial support, it could be along the lines of refresher parties to meet the team, an open office day or perhaps even a mentor for their frist few weeks working for you etc. 

  • Salary

Of course money is a big motivator but it is not the most important. In terms of salary we can’t tell you what to pay your employees, all we can do is advice. What we would recommend is simply taking into account the cost of living and the quality of life you want your employees to have. Have a chat with us if you need to and don’t forget to be realistic.

There you have it – some simple & easy to follow steps on how to find & hire A+ MultilingualTalent. At Careertrotter, we know what we are talking about so if you would like to talk we are happy to do so., you can reach us on +353 15 24 24 20.

Talk to you soon.

Careertrotter is the name –  Multilingual Recruitment is the game.

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