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Benefits of Being Bilingual for your CV

2016-05-16 15:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Over the last 50+ years the working world has seen a number of changes. Bilingual jobseekers didn’t always need a 3rd level degree, companies were more willing to take you in and train you in what was needed.

Today things have changed quite a bit – the working world has become the largest setting for trials and competition known to man. Employers will look for the best person for the language job – someone that they will not need to spend money on in training, the more qualified, the most experienced etc.

It is because of this that bilingual jobseekers today need to have a competitive edge in order to win in the language job search race.

One major advantage that you can have today?

Speaking another language.

But Why?

  • Employers Love a Bilingual Speaker:

Being Bilingual means you help your employer knock down barriers – You are able to reach more potential customers then a monolingual speaker could – you are giving your employer the chance to break into new markets. A Bilingual speaker is seen as the golden goose (if you will) of jobseekers in an employer’s/recruiters mind.

  • The Magical Multitasker:

Ever felt stretched too thin and wished you had 8 arms to do all that needed to be done in the working day?

As a Bilingual speaker, your brain has gotten used to speaking more than 1 language - meaning that it is easily adaptable and well capable of carrying out more than 1 task at a time. You are known as a multitasker and are highly sought after in the working world.

  • You are using more of your Brain:

When it comes to being Bilingual, you use more of your brain – increasing cognitive activity has been proven (by countless studies) that you find it easier to concentrate and that your problem solving skills have become one of your best traits.

  • Bilignual Speakers are said to be more Creative:

Who doesn’t love someone that thinks outside the box? – Employers love this. Combined with your multitasking and problem solving skills, an employer will feel like their birthday, Christmas and Easter have come all at once. Due to the fact that there isn’t always a direct translation for all words into another language – forces you to rethink and see how you can describe it in other languages – doing this can help boost your creativity. These are skills that can be applied in nearly every language job out there today.  

  • Learning 1 language makes it easier to learn another:

Studies have proven that after learning one language, your mind is sculpted in a way that helps you find it much easier to learn another. Just speak to our trilingual Recruiter Celine and she’ll tell you straight away. Just think, speaking more than 1 language is desirable, speaker even more makes you invaluable.  

  • Being Bilingual can help you see the World:

Since we work in Multilingual Recruitment, we have gotten to know a number of different bilingual jobseekers throughout the years and we have helped them grow their multilingual career as well as seeing the world. Life is too short to stay in the same place forever. It’s much easier to get around and see the world than ever before. Being Bilingual means you don’t need to narrow your bilingual job search to just one country – the world is your oyster, it’s time to explore it.

As we have talked about before; the past was seen as an employer’s market where they had the say and could afford to wait around for specific bilingual jobseekers. Today the power is in the hands of the bilingual jobseeker – They now call the shots and can decide where they would like to work abroad and who it is they would like to work for. Think about how much more power you have, that you speak more than 1 language. Especially if you speak one or more of the most desirable languages today such as Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.

  • Being Bilingual is Becoming a Must Have:

The world is nearing total integration – the internet and transport has seen to that – Sooner than you think, those who speak just the one language will start to find it harder and harder to grow their career as they will find that English and another language is needed. Companies will soon be looking for all potential employees to be Bilingual. 

There a many great benefits of being a Bilingual speaker - Just make sure you use them to the fullest. Let your bilingual language skills help you grow both professionally and personally - See the world with us today. All you need to do is register today & we'll help you every step of the way. 

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