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Why a Careertrotter Recruiter Want's To Talk About You 1st & the Language Job 2nd.

2016-05-09 16:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Whether you have already received a call from Careertrotter, you are currently waiting for one or you’ve just heard of us – It’s important to know how we work.  Why we do the things we do and the reasons behind them. 

We are often asked why we can’t just send the language job description when we try to talk to jobseekers, and why we ask so many questions?

The answer is simple:

We want to get to know you – to gather some information on:

  • Your current situation

 Do you have the necessary savings to help you when making the move to live and work abroad? Will you be travelling alone or is your family coming with you? These are questions we need to ask because, many of our clients offer a relocation package but only for the multilingual jobseeker themselves, so what will you do if your family and/or friends are coming with you too? 

  • Where are you in your multilingual career?

Are you studying and working at the same time, are you just starting or are you're a seasoned professional? If we don't know this then the language jobs we offer could be completely irrelevant and we would be wasting both yours and our time and no one wants that. 

  • Your Language Skills:

Many clients of ours are looking for near native multilingual speakers when it comes to hiring multilingual talent, so we like to help them in reducing the time it takes to get a multilingual jobseeker to interview and we conduct a language check with you, to help you feel more at ease by the time we introduce you to the company.

  • What are your salary expectations?

Depending on where you live now or where you are looking to live, your salary expectations may not suit. For example the average Salary in Ireland is around €30,000 gross per annum but in Poland (Currency = Zloty) that salary wouldn't keep you a float. You need to think about:

Quality of life in a country

The currency 

Your experience 

  • Where are you living & working now and is there a certain place you would like to live and work someday?

What we want to find out here is whether you have the necessary funds to make it in your first few months abroad in your new language job, whether you have the relevant passport and/or work visa etc. 

See it's not all as clear cut as you would think.

We do realise that all of this could be jotted down in an email but we want to talk to you, to run through all the relevant topics in detail, because some people may have unrealistic salary expectations for a certain location, others could need help in sprucing up their CV.

The main reason we ask all of these questions and why we don’t just want to leave a voicemail or send it all in an email is because we want to bring some interesting language jobs your way, language jobs that will actually help you in growing your career etc.

Let’s be honest, many multilingual recruitment agencies out there, will send an email or pop you a call about a language job that you are either not interested in or you are either under or over qualified for. Where’s the personal touch? Do you really want to talk about 200 jobs? Wouldn’t you rather discuss 2-3 language jobs that you would truly be interested and that you are qualified for? 


Hopefully this has helped & now you can understand why we would love to talk to us. If you receive a call from one of our lovely team members don't forget to pop them a call or we can arrange for them to call you back if you get in touch with us on +353 15 24 24 20. 


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