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Skype Interviews - Interview Preparation

2016-06-13 07:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


In today's world more and more people are deciding to live and work abroad - but, it can sometimes be difficult to arrange a face-to-face interview within a short period of time. 
Thanks to the wonders of technology, we are simply a click away from a friend or loved one and now we can even set up interviews with potential employers. 

Skype Interviews are here and they are here to stay - they cut out high costs of traveling abroad in order to sit and interview and allow both the multilingual job seeker and the employer to take part in the comfort of their own home and/or office. 
Below are some great tips to help you set up for a Skype interview - Since a number of our candidates sit a Skype interview and we to help them prepare, you just know you can trust us. We are going to take you through each step involved in a skype interview so that you can have a great experience and hopefully a successful Skype interview. 

Top Tips for a Skype Interview

  • Get familiar with Skype 

Add a picture (A professional one) and make sure your user name is appropriate (hotman67 - won't  cut it) - just like walking into a face-to-face interview these tiny factors can affect how the interviewer perceives you. 

Check to see if there are multiple users that may have your Skype ID and if so make sure to email the interviewer in advance about this. 

  • Practice makes Perfect 

You will want to check the sound quality, your camera and your overall settings - why not ask a friend to practice with you? 

  • Your Surrounding Area:

We did say that you would get to be comfortable in your own home but make sure you are somewhere where:

  1. The internet signal is at its strongest 
  2. Your phone is turned off 
  3. Any paintings or posters that may be hung on the wall - if they are distasteful - just take them down for the interview. 
  4. Make sure you are in a quiet place - you don't want people talking around you or the dog barking. 
  • Dress for the language job you want: 

It's always a nice touch to dress for the part when it comes to interviews but here's a great secret - once you are well dressed with your hair out of your face - you could always be wearing slippers and even your PJ bottoms. The interviewer won't see them at all - However, we must stress that you do not stand or leave your chair once the skype interview has started, otherwise the cat's out of the bag. 

  • Eye Contact:

Ok, so it is difficult to achieve eye contact through a camera, so the best thing you can do here is look into the camera and not at the screen - by looking straight into the webcam it gives the interviewer the impression that you are looking directly at them. This shows confidence and a high level of respect. 

  • No Whispering:

No one likes to have to strain to hear anyone - we don't want to have to ask the dreaded 'What?' 3 times, because we all know once you have said 'What?' the 3rd time and still didn't hear the person - we tend to give up. Speak clearly - Let the interviewer know that you know your stuff and that you are the one for that language job. 

Trotter Tips: 

Past Multilingual Jobseekers have made some silly mistakes so keep an eye out for:

  • Keypads:

Some have a mic under them so when you are siting the skype interview - no other tabs should be open - give the interviewer your undivided attention. Stay off of Social Media 

  • Notes:

Some multilingual jobseekers can't help it - they get nervous, they could be the perfect fit for the  language job but they get tongue tied under pressure and that's ok - why not open up your computers sticky notes and jot down a few keywords to help keep you on track? Just don't stare at them - this could look bad to the interviewer. 

  • Technical Difficulties:

 Sometimes things just happen, so if your internet connection happens to go down just before or during the skype interview - stay calm - pop the interviewer a call or your recruiter and let them know what has happened. Its respectful and gives you some time to solve the issues. 

Like what you've read? Want to know more on Interview & CV preparation Click to our Top Tip's page now & get interview ready today. 

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