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Working Abroad - What are my Dutch Language Skills Worth?

2016-06-20 07:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Working Abroad is a great experience and something I feel we should all do at least once in our lives, you could go for just a year or longer, like me – I fell in love with Ireland and have been here over 10 years now.

You may be thinking – yes that’s all well and good to go working abroad but how can I fund my new adventure? Well in case you didn’t notice – Careertrotter is a Multilingual Recruitment Agency – we’ve done our research and we know where we can help you find a Dutch job and fund your next adventure.

  • Can my Dutch Language Skills get me any job I want?

Yes and No – It really depends on what it is that you want to do. Do you have any previous experience? If not then you will end up in a Dutch speaking entry level job – these type of jobs could bring you to Dutch Customer Service jobs, or Dutch IT Jobs (if you have an affinity for IT) or even Dutch Admin Jobs. At an Entry level in your career – you still have a lot to choose from and plenty of room to grow.

If you want something higher, you are going to need the skills and experience behind you. Want to be the next Dutch speaking account manager for an IT company abroad? – then you will need to show you have the right experience. Fancy being a Dutch speaking team leader in a call centre? – well, you will need to have some experience of being a Dutch speaking team leader in a call centre.  You get where we are going with this right?

You will need the relevant experience for certain types of Dutch jobs – so trust us when we call you – we know our stuff & just want to help you find the next great Dutch job that’s right for your career.

  • Salaries Abroad: What are my Dutch Language Skills Worth?

Simply Put: Your Dutch language skills are worth more in Eastern Europe than in Western Europe. Think this is odd? Where did we get this form?

From looking into the average annual income for Dutch speaking jobs across the globe. For example, if you speak Dutch and go to work in Poland where the average monthly income is 4500 Polish Zloty you will receive more than the average but in comparison to Ireland where the average annual salary is €33,000 but as an entry level Dutch speaking candidate you will earn below this. However, your salary will grow as your experience grows. We have placed Dutch speakers in customer service jobs and 5 years later they are earning well above the annual yearly income as they have grown their career and are now account managers.

Regardless of where you work abroad though – if you were to return to the Netherlands or Belgium – you can expect to earn a higher salary than before due to increased experience as well as bringing an international. 

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