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Less Stress More Success - How to Reduce Your Stress Levels at Work

2016-07-18 07:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


When it comes down to it - we've all got something on our plate that is stressing us out. It can vary for many people, perhaps you are a recent graduate trying to do all you can to climb the ladder & to develop a good reputation early on, or you have a full time language job both at work and at home with running a household and raising children. No matter who you are or what language job it is that you are doing - you will have some sort of stress to worry about. 

Great thing is, it's 100% natural to worry and stress - we all do it, some believe that it is a sign that we really care and are invested in what ever it is we are stressing about. That's all well and good, but wouldn't it be great if you could get a handle on the stress levels - to find a way to control when stress may strike? Well that's what we're here for - we've done our research and we have a few simple yet effective ways to help you reduce your stress in the workplace - Who knows you might even be able to adapt these top tips in other situations as well. 

Working in Multilingual Recruitment - We certainly know our fair share of Stress - It can be hard to keep everyone happy so it puts quite a bit of strain on us. We take it in our stride because as we said we have come up with some great tips on reducing workplace stress - so sit back with a cuppa and let us know how you get on with some of personal de-stressing tips. 

  • The Basics - Good Nights Sleep & Eating Healthy

Working in Multilingual Recruitment means we don't have the usual 9-5 language job - we are here for as long as we need to be in order to get the job done - (that's right we're extremely dedicated) - So getting a good night's sleep is crucial to a good day in the office. We've noticed that even 1 bad nights sleep can have us more prone to getting stressed quicker - we've even made it into an informal competition that when we come in, in the mornings we start talking about how many hours sleep we had - the one with the most wins obviously. 

When it comes to eating healthy we have our 'Fruit Center' we like to call it - Were there is a constant supply of fresh fruit each day - perks of the job. See if you can get the same in your office - or you could even come prepared with your own fruit salad that you can pick at during the day. 

  • Keep Things Organised 

Time management is a big thing for us here - it allows us to fit all we need to into a day and help multilingual speakers find that language job they are looking for. Keeping things organised allows us to know exactly where we stand - we even allocate time for things that might just spring up out of nowhere so that we are always prepared, especially for the unexpected. The majority of the time this stops things from getting to much for us all & it definitely keeps the stress levels down. Come up with a morning plan for yourself of all the things you would like to accomplish for yourself by the end of the working day - set yourself a target and at the end of the day - see if you reached it, if not Why So? - This can all help you in your next day & certainly reduce your stress.

  • Keeping Active: 

We all know that getting enough exercise releases some ''feel good'' endorphin's and you feel better - unless we go before work or after work - there is no exercise during work which is when we need it most. You can see some of our multilingual recruiters in the office stretching at the desk, doing the ''Walk & Talk'' - basically walking around the office while they are on the phone and when it just gets to be to much at times some of us actually go for a walk around the building - the fresh air and some time away from the computer is just what the doctor ordered - of course some of us use this more than others but we won't name names. Do you have a gym in your work place - is there room around your desk for some office aerobics? - See what you can do right at your desk to reduce your stress.

  • Support: 

We are quite a close team, we all rely on each other for support - we are certainly a close knit unit of friends and when one of us has a bad day, the team offers support where they can, even if its a few kind words or a cup of tea put on our desk for us - some of us are known to indulge in some chocolate now and again - it's a nice treat. - Find yourself a group of co-workers in the office that can be your support - you'll be surprised how much they can help by just letting you talk it out. 

  • Reward System: 

We all like to see some light at the end of the tunnel - so for us we all set ourselves targets and if we accomplish them we treat ourselves - whether its a lunch out or going shopping during lunch - we make sure to get that well deserved treat. Treating yourself can help take the sting out of the stress, because you know that soon there is a treat around the corner. 

There you have it - What do you think? Easy Yes? 

Try some of our tips and let us know how your stress levels at work are getting on - Of Course we would love to hear how you keep the stress levels down, we might even try them ourselves. 

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