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Multilingual Recruitment Agencies - What We're All About

2016-07-25 07:00:00 +0100 by Herbert Croezen


As an owner of a Multilingual Recruitment Agency I attend networking events from time to time and I often get asked what it is Careertrotter does. When I answer that we work within the Multilingual recruitment sector across Europe I often get the reply “oh you work with call centres” and it seems that the interest is gone. Why? I don’t know? As “call centre recruitment” sounds easy so Multilingual Recruitment is easy as well?

It bothers me that people look down on it. As multilingual recruitment is linked to call centres and call centres for many people does not equal the word Career. But what if I say that some of our clients are IDA (Irish foreign investment agency) backed or shortlisted for Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year awards? What if I say we recruit for a 6-billion-dollar company or have had a significant influence on the recruitment of one of Irelands most talked about companies? It doesn’t seem to matter as we are a Multilingual Recruitment Agency.

Perhaps I should explain some of the truly amazing careers some of our Multilingual jobseekers have had. It was not just a call centre job but was truly a career, moving up quickly across the ranks. People who have started as agents and are now team leaders and hiring managers. Or they are now responsible for an annual revenue of €1 million or more. Having started a Multilingual job abroad they have managed to show their personality and potential and have developed quicker abroad than they might have had at home.

However, people seem to forget one thing. We often need people with a language and a certain skill or experience, be it a German speaking account manager or a Dutch payroll specialist. Take the language away and yes it will be a relatively easy search to recruit for.

 But when it needs a language? Not really! Before I had moved into recruitment I had written on my CV I spoke German but I don’t really and language is the one skill that you either have or you don’t (a 2 week language course just won’t cut it).

When it comes to needing a certain language skill for a job the talent pool becomes significantly smaller, not only for the country that the multilingual job is based but also in each European country as they all have their own native language and/or dialect – meaning that we can only source in certain counties for certain skills - if we may be so bold - its a smaller pool in which to fish in.

What we noticed as well is that when recruiting multilingual staff, is that English is playing a major factor and needs to be at decent level. Careertrotter has assisted a number of clients with the recruitment for IT developers and noticed that the only language that mattered was the IT language and candidates were offered jobs with a level of English that would not be accepted with many of our “call centre” clients. Clearly a sign that we as a company need to diversify and start exploring the IT development market but it also supports the claim that multilingual recruitment is not as easy as it seems.

So why are we still in Multilingual recruitment? Firstly, it’s our niche, it is how most of our recruiters started their career abroad, we have developed our own unique channels and we are good at it. The one thing I truly enjoy about all of this is however, not the Multilingual aspect, but the international part. Giving people a chance to explore the world and not as back-packers or tourists, but truly living somewhere else and trying to build a Career. So whatever sectors Careertrotter will add to our portfolio in the future it will always be within international recruitment.

For where ever you find yourself in Europe if you need help in sourcing multilingual speakes - get in touch with us today with your #1 multilingual recruitment agency on +353 15 24 24 20 or you can email Herbert on 

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