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Questions to ask yourself before applying for that Language Job Abroad

2016-07-12 10:00:00 +0100 by Kellie Anne Molloy


The Jobs Search! Let’s face it, it can be a grueling and frustrating time – ‘’How many CV’s have I sent? -I’ve lost count. ‘

What if we told you that the application process could be less stressful and more successful? Instead of wasting your valuable time – applying for language jobs abroad over and over again – we have the top 8 questions you should always ask yourself before sending in the next application.


By applying for numerous language jobs abroad, you are stretching yourself far too thin – applications and your chances of getting the language job are being decreased, because mistakes happen, you may apply for a  language job that you are not qualified for or that you do not meet the minimum criteria, you could forget where you have applied and missed out on follow up time periods – it can just get messy – you want to spend your time on applications that can actually kick start something for you and your career.

Below are our top 8 Questions you should always ask yourself before applying for any language job abroad. They allow you to focus your time and effort on something that you may see some ROI from – so why not give them a go and see how you get on?

  • Does it fit my long-term career plans?

It’s always great to see the world and experience new cultures – so looking for a language job abroad just to keep you afloat is all good – but we would strongly recommend that you treat every new language job abroad as a stepping stone in your career path. What you need to ask yourself is if the language job you are about to apply for is going to help you further your career or just keep some money in your pocket?

  • Do I meet the minimum requirements?

Before you think about hitting ‘’Apply’’ for a language job, especially a language job abroad, make sure you carefully read and re-read the multilingual job description – what are the minimum requirements? Do you have them all – do you speak the language, have the relevant experience?

Applying for multilingual jobs that you are not suitable for could give recruiters and/or employers a bad impression of you – what if you were to apply again for a language job that you actually qualify for soon after? Your application could be less important to get to if the company thinks that you just apply for language jobs at random.

  • Where is this Language Job Based?

Have you researched what it’s like to live & work abroad? Do you know how to find a place to live, set up a bank account etc. in that country? Will you need a Work Permit or a STAMP4 for that country? Applying for language jobs in countries that you know little about is a bad decision – You need to ask yourself whether or not that country is for you & you always need to do some homework before applying to work abroad.

  • Do I have the Savings?

Let’s face it – working abroad can be a costly thing at first- you need to think of flights and shipping and once you land you will need enough money for a deposit for somewhere to live and then as you would be paid monthly – you need to make sure you have enough money to live off for your first month of working abroad. The savings you will need will vary for each country depending on the cost of living (which you will now know thanks to doing your research) for example when coming to work in Ireland - we usually recommend having between €1500 - €2000 in savings to keep you comfortable.

So ask yourself – Do I have the savings to help you get by in your first month?

  • Family – Will my family let me go abroad?

We can’t tell you how many times a multilingual jobseeker has come to us ready and excited about working abroad – sat the interview and did great when they turn around and say ‘’Mammy won’t let me go’’. It’s heart-breaking for all involved – you don’t get the experience of a lifetime whilst also building your career, we miss out on a great multilingual jobseeker and ‘Mammy?’ well, she is upset that you want to leave in the first place.

When it comes to working abroad – you need to check with everyone – leave no stone unturned

  • What about my Wife/Husband/Partner?

If you have someone special in your life – you will always need to check if working abroad is ok – will they come with you, do they refuse to go? Would you go without them? These are all hard questions but they need to be asked. If not, then there could be an uncomfortable discussion very soon after you click send on the application.

  • Is my personal brand ready for this?

If you remember we recently published a blog on personal branding to help you find a language job abroad. Before you click ‘Apply’ have you made sure that Brand You is ready & up for inspection? Is your LinkedIn/Xing up to date, are all personal social media pages set to private – you don’t want a possible employer to see what went on last Saturday night now do you?

Check your Digital footprint before applying – Google can be both a blessing and a curse – Just make sure you know where you stand.

  • Is my CV ready?

Last but not least – is your CV actually ready for the type of language job you are applying for?

We’re not saying to lie on your CV, that is never a good thing – what we are saying is that you should adapt and customize your CV to fit the language job.

Think of a Job Spec as an advertisement for a need & your CV is the answer. You will want to adapt your skills to show that you are perfect for the language job – take what you learned from your previous jobs and show the recruiter/employer how those skills can be applied to the new job that you are applying for.

After asking yourself all 8 of our Questions – you will notice how much more time you have saved in applying for language jobs abroad – how much more relevant your applications are and hopefully how much more often the phone rings with interested employers and recruiters. 

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