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Appealing to the Generations: The Evolution of Job Seekers & How You can Attract Them

2016-08-22 15:00:00 +0100 by Kellie Anne Molloy


In the current economic climate, with the minimum age of retirement being increased and younger generations quickly entering the employment sector. It has become second nature to many that you could have 3-4 generations working with you in the one office. Not forgetting that those looking to live & work abroad has also increased so you have a number of different languages, cultures, and generations to think about when looking to hire and retain. For Now, let's look at the generation gaps that you may see in the workplace - later on, we will cover language and culture. 

It makes sense that each generation has their own skills and characteristics - But what do you do when it comes to looking for a particular set of skills and experience? Do you know which generation it is that would have what you need? Wondering how to attract them? 

Below is our take on extensive research on the 3 most popular generations seen in the workplace today. We will help you understand the differences in skills and characteristics, how to attract them and what it is that is seen as important to them in order to keep them on the payroll.



This generation was seen as the 1st to label a career with a high importance - career growth being the main priority and personal life came in second place most times. They are open to new things and experiences (perhaps working abroad?) they enjoy a challenge and would prefer to avoid a rigid job spec. 

The Baby Boomer Generation is constantly looking to grow and further their career - to reach the top of the corporate ladder. They are hard working with a positive work ethic - Don't forget about the boomers just yet - they have a lot to offer. 


  • Let them know that there is still room for growth - tap into their competitive nature and strong will to succeed. 
  • That their language job is not stuck into a rigid plan - they will get the chance to dip their toe in a number of different aspects of the company. 
  •  Let them know that they will be valued by the company - that the opportunity to mentor or lead is there.


This generation is the polar opposite to its predecessor in terms of career coming 1st - They believe in having a good work/life balance and would typically follow the ''work to live'' moto and not ''live to work''. This generation can either be found at the top or well on their way up the corporate ladder - They are an adaptable generation as they were there for the introduction of more advanced technology. In terms of looking to recruit Gen X, you need to keep in mind that Work/Life balance is something that they are willing to wait for - they may even avoid applying for your language jobs if you have not made it clear. 


  • Let them know there is a good work/life balance ethic in your company - you can offer flexible hours, healthcare schemes, that you offer out of office activities to try and promote a better team relationship etc. 
  • Let them know that your company shares the same values as they do. Some Gen X may even turn down a great language job opportunity with a well-known company for a smaller business because they share the same values and they feel that they would be appreciated more there. 
  • Generation X is more interested in language job flexibility, equality and having information at their fingertips. By displaying such values and benefits in your language job ad's you can certainly attract some Generation X job seekers. 


Having grown up with technology, Gen Y has a significant advantage over Gen X and Baby Boomers - although the others may be able to adopt - Gen Y will more often than not have the upper hand. They enter the workplace energetic and motivated. They like to feel part of the bigger picture, that each activity has helped grow the company to what it is today. 

Gen Y want to feel like they have made a difference and be recognized for it. 


  • Money was one of the biggest motivators back in Baby Boomer's working world, but as the years have gone by - there are more motivators for work. Gen Y feels that some social recognition is in order, whether it be the addition of an extra holiday day, given more responsibility or even verbal recognition in front of other employees. These and much more can help you recruit Gen Y, it’s all in how you word the language job spec. 
  • Dressing Casual - As a generation, Gen Y is more used to the laid back and relaxed side of the business, it’s a way they express themselves and feel comfortable. Business Suits are all still fine but you will see more applications for companies with a casual clothing system in place. 
  • Career Advancement - It’s a well-known fact that Gen Y is certainly the biggest Job Hopper between the 3 but this is something that can easily be fixed. If you clearly set out guidelines and plans to help them on their road to success, they are more likely to apply and stay. If they feel like you have invested fully in them, they will be happier in work and want to stay and progress with you and your company. 

There you have it - A way in which to attract between the different generations. All have similar characteristics but it is important not to forget that each one is unique in their own way. You will want your language job specs to attract them based on these differences as they are their defining factors. 

Here at Careertrotter - when you join the team, we listen to your wants and needs very carefully - what type of worker you are looking for, the personality, the skills etc. and we write the language job spec for you to display on our website. So you can be sure that any CV we send, is certainly one of quality and if not a perfect match, a pretty close one. 

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