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Careertrotter – 6 years of Multilingual Recruitment has Taught us 3 Common Mistakes in the Hiring Process

2016-08-03 09:00:00 +0100 by Herbert Croezen


As a Multilingual Recruitment Agency Careertrotter has been involved, in placing over 700 multilingual jobseekers across Europe and even in South Africa.

Having helped all of our clients throughout the entire recruitment process we have learned a thing or 2 and believe that the following recruitment ‘’mistakes’’ are still happening on a daily basis across Europe!

  • Time to Hire & Availability Time of Multilingual Job Seekers:

 We work with a number of different companies across Europe and have noticed that ‘'Starting as soon as possible’’ can have totally different meanings in various countries.

In Ireland – it means you can start today if possible – Companies in Ireland will speed up the interview process to the max if it needs to be done. However, for companies in Germany ‘’As soon as possible’’ means as soon as all those involved in the hiring process are in place to participate in the interview process and this could mean that the jobseeker has to wait for at least 2 weeks perhaps longer to get a first interview and the whole process can take up to 2months.

For instance, when we are recruiting French or Dutch speakers they may have no issue in jumping on a plane this weekend – a company in Germany could miss out because the interview to placement process simply took too long. In contrast to that we have noticed that sometimes German jobseekers feel that an interview process can move too fast in comparison to what they are used to in Germany. They feel that if the company is in such a rush, perhaps they might not be right for the language job – How can a company know enough about me after a 30 minute skype call and an email assessment?

  • Offer Acceptance is not the end of the Road for the Jobseeker:

Getting a multilingual jobseeker through the interview process all the way to ‘Offer Accepted’ does not mean all is done. While we may have less issues with multilingual jobseekers from Spain, France or Italy we often notice that Dutch & German candidates are still unsure if they have the language job. Why?

Because an offer letter is not a contract and it does not include the finer details.

Furthermore, this is sometimes needed to finish paperwork, end contracts etc. in their home country. Sending a contract not only helps the candidate be more at ease, it also helps them cut ties with their home country.

  • Language V’s Dialect – Native V’s Near Native:

Often we get clients on board that are not always sure what it is that they are looking for in terms of language requirements.

 For instance, Flemish or Dutch? Flemish is a dialect, Dutch is a language, all Flemish speakers speak Dutch but only people that grew up in the Flemish part of Belgium speak Flemish. Same goes for Austrian German and German. So is it a must have to have to local dialect or will the language be sufficient.

Another language issue that we encounter is when companies need someone at a native level. From our own experience (having native speakers in-house for Dutch and German) is that certain jobseekers had been rejected because they only moved to the country when they were 14 (especially for sales). According to many researches this is an ideal age to learn the language and more importantly have enough time to learn the culture as well.  So when they have graduated from college or university they are known to be as good as their peers who were born and raised in the country. We find that sometimes it is these multilingual  jobseekers that are rejected without giving a proper assessment of their language skill.

Multilingual recruitment is not justabout finding someone that speaks the language but as well finding the people with the right skill, the willingness to enter a fast or slow recruitment process and knowing what will make or break their offer acceptance. Careertrotter is a Multilingual recruitment agency that is happy to talk with you about your hiring needs and explain how we can support and grow you’re your talent pipeline.

Any questions feel free to call on +353 15 24 24 20 or pop us an email to

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