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Dissecting The Weird Interview Questions - What You Need To Know

2016-08-08 08:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


We've covered all there possibly is to cover when it comes to helping you with interview questions to securing that multilingual job abroad

It has come to light recently with one of our multilingual jobseekers that it's time to cover the weird, the quirky, the ''Where did that come from?'' side of the interview questions family. The jobseekers themselves where asked ''If you could be any dessert what would you be?'' This question sparked quite a lively debate in the office, one that got us thinking. 

While jobseekers think these weird interview questions are fun and quirky - Many go into interview unprepared for such questions and they freeze on the spot - which isn't going to get you the language job now is it? - Everyone needs to remember that there is a method to the madness. 

  • Build Atmosphere:

For some interviewers it is simply to create a positive atmosphere, to create a dialog. It is believed to help the candidate be more at ease or even to take them away from the over rehearsed answers they have prepared. 

  • Getting to Know You: 

For other interviewers it is a way to feel out the candidate - see if they can get more information about them as a person. When it comes to interviews you the recruiter are looking for the right person for the language job as well as seeing how good a fit you will be within the company culture. These weird interview questions give them a sense of your humour, personality and how you think. 

  • Under Pressure: 

Last but certainly not least there are the interviewers that like to test the jobseeker - To see how well you can think on your feet. When faced with an unexpected situation they want to see how you get on - will you perform well under pressure or will you be joining the ''Ehhh I don't know'' group? 

As a fun exercise we have come together with some of the weird interview questions that our candidates have come up against and we've interviewed each other. 

Here's our Top 7 Interview Questions & our team’s Quirky answers. 

​There you have it - some quality answers there and a great laugh for all of us here learning a bit more about how our minds work. 

What would you have answered? Would you have joined the ''Ehh I don't know'' group? 

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