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German Speakers Living & Working in Ireland - Our Research

2016-08-03 08:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


In January of 2016, Careertrotter embarked upon an important mission - to gain a better understanding of the main motivating factors that bring German speakers to live and work in Ireland.
Careertrotter successfully completed an online survey thanks to all you lovely German speakers out there. The survey itself contained 25 questions overall - where we looked into the general back grounds and motivators for German speakers to live and work in Ireland, along with their job search habits. 

First off - we know no one wants to sit and read a 20-page document so what we have done is created a neat infographic so you can get all the information you need in bite size pieces. Of course we do need to give you a quick sum up before we go into everything - so bear with us. 

Our Results: 

77% of the respondents were native German, leaving the remaining 23% near native. The majority of respondents were aged between 18-35 and nearing 70% have a 3rd level degree under their belts. Out of all respondents 72% have already made the move to live and work in Ireland and for the remaining that haven't, they are simply waiting on the right job opportunity to persuade them or they are in the middle of their studies. Those that are already here in Ireland (41%) are living in Dublin and over 30% plan on moving to Dublin from their current location in Ireland. 

One point that we find important to stress is the fact that over 72% of the respondents did not know that Ireland was as absolute career hub for international talent, even though 53% stated that Ireland was their first choice they still had no idea how in demand their German language skills where. On a brighter note, it was great to see that those who have come to Ireland, have been here between 0-5 years (60%) and 10+ years (15%). Nearly 37% plan on staying in Ireland forever and 62% said that they would do it all over if they had their time again - which is great to hear, especially if you are the one looking for German speakers to join the team.  

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