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How to get a Great Work Life Balance - It's Easier Than you Think

2016-08-29 07:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Getting a good work life balance in today’s world may seem near impossible, what with the ever advancing nature of technology - it has made employees available around the clock. Years ago we could leave the office and didn't have to think about work until 9am the next morning. Today we are still looking into emails, finishing off reports and making future schedules on our commute home, by the dinner table etc. Obviously this isn't healthy - having stress from the never ending work day is bad for your health, productivity, family and the company. 

When we look for more of a balance in our lives, few actually achieve it - Something usually falls behind or is neglected. Having a good work life balance can vary from person to person - Regardless of this point - it is possible for us all to achieve a good work life balance that we can all be happy about. 

Read below for our Simple Steps on Achieve a Work Life Balance to be Envious of:

  • Work Smarter - Not Harder 

Working 50+ hours a week means you will just burn out, you and your skills are then worth nothing to no one. There’s a reason we are always spouting on about time management - it's not how long you have worked that's important - it’s what you did with the time you had that is. 

In the mornings, allow yourself 10-15 minutes to plan out your day - allocate a specific time limit to each task for that day and don't forget to allocate some ''AOB'' time (1 hour is best) to cover any jobs that come up during the day that where unexpected. 

Once your time is up for a task walk away from it, start the next task. You will have time to time to go back within your AOB if needed. 

  • Don't Take Work Home 

You should never take work home with you. That's a long term relationship where the spouse will just take take take. Before you leave the office, write yourself a note (invest in sticky notes - our marketing manager loves them - its rainbow station at her desk) to remind you for tomorrow to schedule time to go back, follow up or complete tasks from the previous day. 

This way you come in refreshed, you’ve had your time away from the office, you won't have forgotten anything and you start the day with a smile. 

  • Good Things Come to Those Who Wait 

The worst thing you can do is let your fellow employees use you as a door mat - letting them think you are always available can be a hard habit to break. You need to let them know that you schedule your day in the morning and do not plan to deviate from plan unless absolutely necessary. Doing this does not mean you are leaving them in the lurch. Set rules for yourself that for tasks that come in during the day you will need 24-48 hours to get around to them. 

Doing so will keep the daily stress levels down and in the long run - create a well-oiled system to work in. 

  • NO is not a bad word 

When we think of the word ''no'' - we think negativity, we think that we may be letting someone down. This can be true but just think - If you are always the ''Yes Man'' - How things have slipped beneath your radar - how many tasks were sent back because they did not reach the standards? 

You don't even have to say ''no'' - when a colleague or your boss comes to you with a new task or looking for a favour all you need to do is take a minute - Don't answer straight away. Tell them you need time to think it over - do you have the time to do it, the skills etc.? Tell them that you will get back to them by the end of the day or in the next 24 hours. 

You didn't say no - no one is upset and now you have the time and space to see whether or not you can take on another responsibility 

  • A Little goes a long way 

In order to achieve a good work life balance - you don't need to have prolonged periods of life in work and then a big holiday to blow off steam. 

Start small and see how you get on, Leave the office a little earlier 1 night a week - those 15-20 mins could mean you beat traffic, see family and friends, have more time to yourself etc.

  • Schedule Home Just like Work

In order to get a good work life balance into your weekly routine, schedule it all until it becomes second nature. Schedule Date nights, drinks with friends, family dinners etc. Do it all until it comes naturally to you and both work and balance have blended well together. 

Getting a good work life balance may seem hard - But there is a lot to be said about doing it step by step. Start off small and work your way up to where you want to be. You wouldn't start a marathon  tomorrow  after no training would you? No - you would train weeks before had. Getting a work life balance is the same - there may be no finish line but there is a happier and more fullfilled you. 

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