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Leaving Your Job? Do it With Grace - Don't Burn Your Bridges

2016-08-15 09:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Since we're all about multilingual speakers finding new language jobs abroad - we can be forgiven for forgetting that there may be a trail of unhappy employers who just lost some top class employees. 

The last thing we want is to have anyone unhappy while we work our magic in helping you find work abroad.

This week's blog is all about how you should leave your current language job gracefully - do it with class - avoid burning any bridges. So we have come up with a step by step guide on the ''How To'' of leaving your current language job with grace for that new exciting multilingual job that Careertrotter has helped you with.  

How to leave your Job Gracefully - Avoid Burning Bridges 

  • Giving Notice: 

It's important to note that depending on how long you have been employed & where it is you may be working (giving notice can depend on the company and the country you live & work in) - This information will be in your contract. 

Give your current employer the allotted notice. Doing so does not insult or annoy your employer. This is the fairest and most respectful way to leave your current language job. It allows them to find someone to fill your position so that they won't be left short and understaffed for when you are gone.  

Giving Notice also shows your future employer that you are respectful and considerate - so if you were to leave them this is what they can expect and puts their mind at ease. 

  • Why are you Leaving? 

When leaving your language job - you never want to leave a sour taste in anyone's mouth - doing so could burn some bridges and you could be losing some vital connections that could help you in the future. 

Always leave on a positive note - when you are asked why you are leaving the best thing to say would be along the lines of ''career growth'' or how about ''The desire to relocate & work abroad''. This way your employer can understand your reasons and will hopefully wish you well in your future endeavours. 

  • Being Discreet: 

We strongly recommend never to advertise the fact that you have a new language job on social media until after you have informed your current employer, never be negative or celebrate the fact that you are leaving in a tasteless way - it can insult and hurt those you have worked with. Future employers may also see this and think twice before hiring you. - This is a sure-fire way to burn bridges before you go - it can even hinder new ones being built. 

  • Going the Extra Mile: 

It can be a hard time for an employer when they are losing a vital part of their team - it might be a good idea to offer to help train in your replacement so that the transition for the new employer and your employer is easier and you employer will certainly be greateful for this - you never know there may be a glowing reference after that. 

  • Giving Thanks: 

Sending thank you notes to your employer and to those in your office is a nice touch - It costs nothing for a few kind words - You help strengthen relationships and lets all know that you appreciated the chance to grow and work with everyone there. 

  • Saying Goodbye: 

Don't forget to take some time for some warm goodbyes to all in the office before leaving to go live & work abroad.

There you have it - a quick and painless way to leave your current job before going to work abroad - Vital connections are still intact, everyone is happy and you have an exciting adventure just around the corner. 

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