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What exactly is my Degree worth? Working Abroad with a German Degree

2016-08-01 09:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Thinking about working abroad? Currently studying or recently graduated in Germany? If so you should really know how valuable your degree really is across the waters.

The big question on many German Speaking Students lips is ‘’should I hold off on applying for jobs and go ahead to complete my masters?’’ There are conflicting opinions on this – some say:

  • You can find a job easily once you have a master’s degree under your belt, others argue...
  • That you can find a job just fine with your bachelor’s degree.

But what about when you plan on taking you, your skills and your degree abroad?

Here at Careertrotter we have the knowledge and the know-how of what your skills and studies are worth abroad – it comes with the territory of working in multilingual recruitment. We have helped many German speaking graduates find jobs abroad in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Netherlands and many more.

What we have noticed is that some German graduates seem to overestimate the value of their bachelor degrees and their masters. Some jobseekers that we have spoken with are under the opinion that once they have a masters from Germany they will get a job abroad immediately.

Now we don’t want to belittle your degree – what we are trying to say is with a degree you have definitely set a strong foundation for your career, whether it be at home or abroad. When it comes to looking for a German jobs abroad a bachelor’s degree is (for the majority of the time) enough.

Unless you are looking to work in a very particular field you won’t always need a masters or even a bachelor’s degree.

The Miracle cure? EXPERIENCE

This is what many companies are looking for – having completed internships or some work experience can be enough to show employers that you are a motivated and a proactive individual that they can rely on. You will want to stand out – and what stands out more than some valuable experience?

With our experience in multilingual recruitment we have a little secret to share with you – there are some languages that are mainly in high demand that there is a limited supply for – Dutch and German. If an applicant speaks the highly needed language but don’t seem to have all of the requirements – the employer can sometimes turn a blind eye and will see you as a worthwhile investment and train you in the needed skills. So you can see that even without a master’s degree there is a good chance that you can still find a great German Jobs Abroad once you bring the right attitude and some good experience.

Keep in Mind

When looking for a job abroad – you have a highly sought after language skill but you may not have the experience needed so the salaries will not always match the salary expectations of what is in Germany. In Germany, starting salaries can already be relatively high, with jobs abroad, this is not always the case. Depending on where it is that you want to work abroad – the cost of living and average yearly salaries can different. This is why we stress that you do your research – get to know the average salaries for the industry that you want to work in and the city so you can go in knowing all you need and there will be very few surprises.

Points to Remember:

  • German speakers looking to work abroad should remember that what is a requirment for jobs in Germany may not be the same in other countries across Europe 
  • Do your research - many employers in Europe prefer experience over degree's. 

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