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7 Reasons Why Companies Should Be Social - Social Media Marketing

2016-09-12 06:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


When it comes to social media - many are still unaware of the vast number of benefits it  - social media can bring to you and your business. Of course when Social Media graced us with its presence, it was believed that it would have it's 15 minutes in the Sun and then quickly set. Obviously it didn't, mainly because of the huge impact it has on the user’s life - our digital selves wouldn't be able to survive and how could we keep in constant contact with everyone? 

What so many companies neglected to see back then and even today is the numerous benefits that await them from simply engaging on Social Media Platforms - since it is a predominantly free service - all social media asks for is your time. With that investment you can look forward to reaching out to your target market on a more sociable channel, build relationships with them, improve overall communications and brand recognition and not to mention, increase your overall following. As a Multilingual Recruitment Agency we send a number of infopacks to multilingual jobseekers to help give them idea of what the language job and the company is all about - Often, where possible we get them to check out the companies social media pages to help them get a good idea. 

If you as a business think that you can get by without engaging on Social Media, read our 7 heavenly benefits first and see if Social Media is still worth ignoring. 

7 Heavenly Benefits of Social Media for Business: 

  • Let's you get to know your Customers 

Making the most of social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and indeed Instagram - can help you get to know your target market much better than any survey possibly could. Customers are less afraid to voice opinions online - giving you (the company) the pure uncut truth about your services, should they decide to share. 

This shouldn't be seen as a negative point - look at this as a way to grow and change into a product or service and that be even more desirable.

  • Deliver Better Service All Round 

​Certain forms of Social Media are seen as ideal for Issues and complaints - Twitter seems to be first stop for this and customers know that they will usually get a speedy result - again, do not think of this in a negative way - once you have answered the ''tweet'' it is in plain view for all to see. The customer has received a speedy resolution, is happy and others have seen how you handled the issue. 

On average 1 person who has had a bad experience will tell 12 people about it - by getting yourself and your company on social media - you could have prevented losing an additional 12 customers - YEY

  • Increases Brand Recognition & Loyalty 

Being on Social Media platforms make you easier to reach - You are now able to connect with customers in a whole new way via different channels.  In engaging with your customers you may notice an increase in overall brand recognition and loyalty - i.e. less customers heading to your competitors. 

  • Traffic Traffic Traffic 

Simply posting items like blogs, articles, research findings or even language jobs (in our case) with a link below can help drive back traffic to your website and because this traffic is coming from your social media channels, it is certainly more relevant. With Increased Traffic - comes the chance for increases in Conversion Rates.

  • Trust Builder 

By updating social media Company profiles, it can help build trust between yourself and your target market. They will see that you have built authority in your industry from your updates (that may include factual articles, blogs you have written, fun updates etc.) Letting customers see that you are invested and update your profiles regularly not only helps in brand recognition but also in building trust. Doing so allows them to instantly trust and believe in what you are saying. 

  • Better for SEO Rankings 

You already know that posting on your social media channels can help build website traffic - In terms of SEO and showing up on the first page of Google Results - Social Media can help you get there. The more social shares you get for individual posts on your various platforms the better it is for your Google Ranking. That's right Google likes a social company.

  • FREE 

​Using Social Media can help you grow your business and what's even better is that it's a FREE source of advertising. It is a new channel to prompt customers to sign up or buy your products/services. Facebook and Instagram even have customisable call to action buttons to help you in your business endeavours. 

That's our 7 - Convinced yet? Well what about another sneaky 8th Reason you & your company should get social? 

  • Competitor Check - Social Media can help you see what all your competitors are at - Like your own personal tab into their goings on, and they are the one's feeding you the information. You can even see what of theirs got the most reactions and engagement so you know what to start with. 

We hope this has convinced you - if not - to each his own we suppose. 

Give it a go at least - you will be pleaantly surprised

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