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New Office – New Values - Growing Team

2016-09-26 07:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


A blog on our company values you may ask? Well, we've good reason to do so - with Careertrotter moving into a new office, our team is growing and we are having a crack at setting up a second office in Germany.
Making our company values known, helps all of us get on the same page and ultimately aid us in making better decisions for the company, the clients, and our lovely multilingual jobseekers.

Quite recently we have all sat down together as a team (over pizza) to cement down what our values are exactly. They are our guide to a fruitful future - But Why?  you may be asking are we writing about them - aren't company values supposed to be on the graveyard side of a website? Sure we all know they are there but why should we care? 

Well to answer your questions - we want to talk about them this week because we want you to know that even though we are growing - we know what's important and our priorities aren't changing. 

To you (the reader) they could just be a number of sentences that could mean nothing - We use our company values in our everyday tasks - But how do you know you are getting a fully committed service based on a few words? Great questions - Well each one is equally important to us and they should be to you to as they act as a promise to each and every client and multilingual jobseeker we work with. 

Careertrotter Company Values

1. Relationships  

We focus on building long-lasting relationships with our clients, job seekers and of course our fellow colleagues.

  • We give each company a dedicated point of contact (not forgetting that our entire team is behind them working on your needs)– where you have the 1 Account Manager that acts as your brand advocate, that is here to help you recruit, advise and send regular updates. With this one to one relationship, you can trust that we then truly understand who it is you are looking for so we find the perfect skills and personality for your company’s requirements.

Thanks to the team's amazing service - Clients of ours have recommended us to their sister offices abroad - Thanks to one Client with an office in Berlin we now recruit for a number of their locations in Europe - such as Portugal, Romania and other various places in Germany

  • For each multilingual Jobseeker, we call you for an informal chat to see what it is you are looking for i.e. where you would like to work abroad, in what industry, for what salary & who you would like to work for. Once we have found the right language job abroad for you – we help tailor your CV, introduce you to the company and guide you through the entire recruitment process.

Once you do get that language job abroad – we call up a few weeks later to check in on you to see if you are ok and if you have issues we encourage you to get in touch with us. If you happen to be unlucky and don’t get that language job abroad (no worries) -  we will, of course, be in touch & let you know so you are not fretting by the phone, like other recruitment agencies may do.

  • In terms of our team – we are a fun bunch of misfits – we have regular get-togethers – where we can let our hair down and relax. This is important so that everyone we work with knows that we have a strong team behind us to help whenever needed.

2. Evolve 

Recruitment is in constant flux – that’s why we continue to learn, explore and adapt in order to succeed.

  • In multilingual recruitment - Gone are the days where the multilingual jobseeker comes to you - It has definitely become an employee market so agencies must chase the candidate. We know this, so in order to keep ahead of the rest, we now have 14 sourcing channels (and growing - we are always on the hunt for more) that help us place candidates all over the world. 
  • We may have started out specializing in Multilingual Customer Service Jobs but we are branching out and are seeing an increase in placements is in more senior level jobs, such as marketing, finance, senior sales and even non-language based jobs.

3. Authenticity  

What you see is what you get – we are authentic & genuine and that’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.

  • We are regularly told that people love our website, it’s very candidate orientated which is unlike any other recruitment agency website. This is not by accident, we know that working abroad can be a daunting task – companies only see the multilingual jobseeker at the end of the process – they don’t know about the house hunting, the packing, farewells and starting new in an exciting new country – this is why we have a jobseeker oriented website – to give you all the information you could possibly need.
  • We are upfront – some may not like this – but we tell it like it is – we won’t sugar coat things. We do this so that you know that you can trust us, we would never misguide you. We do this with each other, our clients and our lovely multilingual jobseekers – consistent all the way.  

4. Quality Over Quantity  

We deliver what the client needs and what the job seeker wants – NEVER compromising on Quality.

We’re sure you’ve heard of those multilingual recruitment agencies that get in touch with you with a great language job but you find you will need 4 years’ experience that you don’t have, but they still want to send you.

  • This is certainly not us – we only send multilingual jobseekers that would truly be interested in working with our clients and have the skills & experience for the language job.
  • We may not send a lot of CV’s but when we do they are definitely worth a look. We have had clients who were sent 3-4 CV’s for one German Sales Job in Belfast where they only had 2 interview slots available (2 where Careertrotter CV's) and because of our glowing reputation - The Hiring Manager looked at the CV's we sent over first in comparison to other agencies. 

Like how we work? Want help finding a language job abroad or perhaps you need assistance in sourcing multilingual speakers? 

Whatever your needs - why not get in touch with one of the dedicated team members today or you can call us on +353 15 24 24 20 

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