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7 of the Scariest Jobs in the World

2016-10-28 13:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


With it being Halloween and all - we figured we would get into the spirit of things and have a look into some of the spookiest, scariest jobs out in the world. Many came close but after an official vote, this is what we believe to be the top 7 scariest Jobs in the World today. 

Now as you can imagine - as recruiters we do have our scary moments - ''what if a candidate rejects an offer after all that work?'' ''what if the company suddenly closes the language job just as I find the perfect multilingual jobseeker?''. In comparison to the jobs below - we are certainly happy to stick with Multilingual Recruitment Thank you very much! 

Read Enjoy & Happy Halloween Folks 

  • Bomb Squad Technician 

Now we are sure you can understand why being a Bomb Squad Technician is number 1 of the scariest Jobs - these guys have to physically disarm bombs before they detonate. They Guys save lives every day and on average would bring home between $40,000 - $120,000 a year. How about a round of applause? - Ever fancy a change guys - you know where we are.


  • High Rise Window Washers 

Have a fear of heights or possibly a fear of getting asked by your parents to clean the windows at home?  Well, whichever it is we're sure you wouldn't want to swap with High Rise Window Washers. Being held on what we can only describe as a very tall swing while you clean windows thousands of feet above us every day. Great View we're sure and an ok salary of between $23,000 -$29,400 a year.


  • Mortician 

These poor guys are responsible for preparing bodies of the deceased for burial. It takes a strong person to be able to do this. Can you imagine closing up a night and being all on your own? - This is the stuff movies are made from. Definitely one of the scariest jobs of all time. 


  • Broadcast Tower Technician 

Think the high rise window washing job was bad? Broadcast Tower Technicians have to climb some of the tallest buildings in the world and they don't just stop half way - no no they have to go all the way to the top with all of their equipment. Can you imagine the weight and the wind up there? You wouldn't want to be any way dizzy up there.

guy-climbing - Photo Credit 
  • Alaskan Crab Fisherman

We have a few fans of the TV show Deadliest Catch and once we heard about these Alaskan Fisherman we knew they had to be added to the list. Not only do they have to brave the sea, wind and horrible conditions on a boat there is also the freezing temperatures. 

If you are more a fan of tech support or Customer Care - this is definitely not the job for you. Watch the video below for more - it really is fascinating.  

  • Stuntperson 

When we talk about stunt people - everyone thinks they lead a glamorous life - but have you have stopped and thought about why they are needed? 

Stuntmen and women are needed because the directors and movie stars do not want to put themselves in danger so Stunt people are hired purely for dangerous tasks. Not a job we'd fancy - if you feel the same way - maybe you are better off checking out our office jobs


  • Comedian 

We know we know - Being a comedian is nothing like the other scariest jobs we've mentioned but could you do it? Could you get up in front of hundreds of people and be confident enough to make them laugh? 

Comedians get heckled, Boo'ed and yelled at - for us here in the office we are safe and comfy behind our phones and computers - fair play to all comedians out there. 


Happy Halloween Folks 

If none of the scariest jobs we've just mentioned are for you - we're happy to talk about your options. Looking for a multilingual job abroad? We're the place to go - Call Careertrotter now on +353 15 24 24 20. 

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