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Top Tips For Graduates who Fancy a Life Working Abroad

2016-10-10 06:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Close to graduating? Can't wait to get out into the ''big bad world'' to make your very own mark? 

That's great - there nothing more exciting then graduation and getting the chance to get out there on your own two feet - Think of all of the possibilities!

It's an exciting time, but it is important not to forget that if you want a language job abroad that your job search needs to start now. Why is that? 

Well the number 1 factor that graduates forget to take into consideration is that living & working abroad costs money - you need to start saving, research countries you want to work in and companies you would like to work for. 

Before we get into our top tips - it's important to note just how beneficial working abroad can be for your career - especially when you are just starting out.

Working Abroad - The Benefits 

When it comes to graduates working abroad - there are a number of benefits for both you and your career. 

  • You become more independent 
  • Learn how to adapt yourself to new cultures and languages - being adaptable is a desirable trait for employers
  • Employers love the fact that you have international work experience
  • You get the chance to discover more about yourself 
  • New outlook on live 
  • Get the chance to explore 

Next let's talk about how you should go about looking for entry level graduate jobs abroad. 


  • Keeps CV Relevant - Get your CV ready, keep it simple, and relevant - never lie on your CV. Companies know you are only starting out, what they are looking for right now is potential. What college course you have just completed and if you happen to have any previous experience - where ever it may be - always put previous experience in - whether it was a baby sitting job or a job in Mc Donalds - Put it in. 
  • Be Realistic - When working abroad - obviously we all want to earn enough money so that we are comfortable in our new life. But what some graduates don't seem to understand is that just because they have a degree - does not mean they will fall into a language job abroad and earn €40k Basic straight away. Yes you will get there eventually but when starting off it is unrealistic to expect a high salary. When going on your multilingual job search be realistic on when talking to recruiters about expected salary.
  • Do Your Research - Do your research - where is it you would like to work abroad? Check out the cost of living the employment opportunities, quality of life etc. What would you like to do? Talk to your trusty Careertrotter Recruiter about that. Doing so will allow you time to start saving for flights over, deposit for rent and general everyday cost for your first month with working abroad.
  • Get talking to Recruiters before Graduation: You may not get a language job abroad straight away but you will get ahead of the competition - Think of how many people will be graduating around the same time as you and how many of them want to work abroad? Get ahead of the rest and start talking to us today - We can help you in your multilingual job search - introduce you to great international companies and guide you through the entire interview process. 

Read other blogs on site now for all the information you need about living & working abroad. 

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