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Working Abroad & Working for a Start Up - 7 Great Benefits

Work for a start up - working abroad

When it comes to working abroad, there can be some nerves and anxiety involved but how do you feel when we talk about both working abroad & working for a start-up? Two very big decisions that shouldn't be taken lightly but also two decisions that could change your life in a very exciting and positive way. 

Yes, there is quite a bit of uncertainty with these two particular topics but hey! we all have to start somewhere. We've talked about working abroad at length so today that particular topic is taking a back seat and we are going to run through the top 7 benefits of working for a start-up and what it can do for you and your multilingual career both at home and abroad. 


  • More Responsibility & Diversity

When it comes to working for a start-up company the roles within the company are not as clear-cut as you may find in the more established business world. With barriers such as money and workforce, you could see yourself talking on more responsibility from a very early stage. 

This may be a daunting task but it can be an amazing chance to step up and prove yourself to your employer and future employers for that matter. The fact that you were trusted with so much at such an early stage can literally mean quite a number of Golden Stickers on your CV

Sticking to the same day in and day out can bore some people quite quickly but when you work for a start-up company your day-to-day becomes more diversified and you get to dip your toe into a number of various departments within the one company.

  • Recognition

When working in a start-up company you can expect to be a part of a smaller team - this can have both up's and downs.
One Major advantage of this is that your work will be recognized that bit more. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and valued and within a startup company, your work will certainly get the credit it deserves.

  • Work Environment 

Many multilingual jobseekers are a fan of a close-knit and smaller community at work. There are certainly many benefits to this. You get to know the team you are working within and out - meaning you know each person's strength and weakness to help you all work better as a team, a support system is built and there when you need it. 

  • Growth 

When it comes to working abroad within a start-up company - may know that getting a juicy salary at the end of each month is not going to happen - but it's not always about money. Working for a start-up company can mean so much more for your CV - your employer could reward you with so much more than money. i.e. promotions, a chance to invest in the company, purchasing stock within the company and something else that multilingual jobseekers seem to forget - Working for a start-up company can be very very attractive to other employers.

Seeing what it is you did within a start-up company in your CV can help you jump up the hiring process because a potential employer can see that you are well capable of handling what gets thrown at you working for them.

  • Pushed in the right direction 

In a start-up company - every day can be full of new tasks, some unexpected and some more exciting than others. It's a thrilling ride to be on. You can never be sure of what the next day will bring, but what you can be sure of is that working at a start-up is never pointless - you will feel pushed to achieve but you will always be pushed in the right direction. 

  • A voice

When working for the big internationals like Google or possibly Facebook your very own voice could possibly be unheard. There are already so many hands in the cookie jar, how are you ever to get a chance to have your say? At a start-up, you have a smaller team where there will be enough time to hear everyone's voice. Think of how many ideas that you've missed out on because there was a slightly louder voice in your last language job - Wouldn't you like to be heard? Maybe working at a start-up is for you.

  • The Overall Experience 

If you've stayed with us until now you can now understand that differences and benefits, there are to working for a start-up company. You may be thrown in at the deep end but what better way to help you grow? 

You get to experience a whole new world and a different side to office culture - this truly is something we believe that everyone should do at least once in their lives. Not only will you gain amazing experience for your next step in your multilingual career but also some invaluable experience to bring with you for the rest of your personal and professional life. 


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