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9 Entry-Level German Speaking Jobs Abroad for Recent Graduates in Just 1 Click!


Are you a Graduate? Looking to jump-start your international career by working abroad? Well, that is a great idea in today’s globalised world. With international trade being a driving force behind economies all across the globe and with every business wanting to get as much international talent as they can, having work abroad experience is fantastic for your Graduate CV.
In particular, German speakers are at an advantage because the German population is highly skilled and their economy is going strong, therefore companies everywhere want to do business with Germany right now. So while the opportunities for German speaking jobs abroad are plentiful make the most them! Stand out from the crowd and be the Graduate with international experience!

There is no excuse, we have done the hard work for you and put together a list of German Speaking jobs especially for a Graduate like you. So scroll down, check them out but most importantly don’t forget to apply! One simple application can turn your working abroad dream into a real-life adventure.

  • German Speaking Customer Service job Dublin | German Jobs Dublin

Are you a Graduate living in Dublin and willing to work abroad on short notice? We are looking for a German Customer Service Agent. You will get the chance to work for an Irish owned –global services provider that has expanded into Europe and North America. For this customer Service job we are looking for a near native German speaker who has a great level of English. You have some previous experience in customer service – ideally in a contact centre or perhaps in retail either would be great. Are you interested in working abroad and earning €24,862 gross per annum? *Click the Now for more information*

  • German Speaking Administrator Dublin | Dublin Jobs

Here we have a German speaking Job for a Graduate looking to kick-start their career and work abroad in Ireland. The capital city is calling and you could be working in the middle of Dublin city centre, so you will never be too far from city life and excitement. This is an entry-level job and we are looking for near native German speakers who are interested in working in Administration. Earnings are between €23,000 - €25,000 gross per annum. If this sounds like you then we would love to talk. Don't forget to get in touch with and to register today. *See More Here*

  • English and German Speaking Executive Assistant Frankfurt, Germany.

If you speak German and have an excellent level of English and are looking for a chance to grow your career – check out this German + English Executive Assistant job, we have in Frankfurt in Germany. We are looking for you to have a near native level in both German and English. You will need to have strong Microsoft skills in Excel and in PowerPoint and have some previous experience in planning would be great for your application. Where you will be working on translations, planning and organising for your employer. You will earn up to €55,000 gross per annum. That sounds pretty great, right? *Click Now to get that job!*

  • German Speaking Customer Service Job, Netherlands.

This is a great German speaking job opportunity for a Graduate who has a good level of English and is looking for a chance to work abroad. This is an offer for Customer Service job in Eindhoven where you will not need any previous experience as you will receive 3 weeks of training on the job. All we ask is that you enjoy helping others, having an interest in the gaming industry and of course like the idea of working in the Netherlands. Speaking Dutch would be a plus for your application but it is not needed. You have a good grasp on social media and you also enjoy using it as the target audience our client is working with will be extremely active on social media.  For your salary, you can expect to earn between €1600 - €2300 gross per month. Apply Here Now 

  • German Speaking Customer Service Job Krakow, Poland.

You’ll be happy to hear this is a No Experience needed job! One that allows you to see more of the world as well as grow your career. Check out this German customer service job we have in Krakow with a well-known client of ours. The reason why there is no previous experience needed is that you will be trained in fully and supported along the way. For this Customer Service job, you can look forward to having a number of great benefits as well as earning between 5400 - 5600 Polish Zloty gross per month. If you didn’t catch our explanation of what value this salary is for you, let me explain just how great it is - On a night out in Frankfurt, you could order 5 imported beers totalling at €17.50. In Krakow, the same order would total at just €8.00! This is 118% increase in value. *Click Now if that sounds good to you!*

  • German Speaking Technical Support Job Belfast, Northern Ireland

Are you a Graduate looking for a job in Technical Support? Do speak Fluent German and have a good level of English? Do you know your way around Technology & would enjoy working in a team where you help others with their technical problems? We are looking for someone who can keep up to date with the evolving nature of technology and that you enjoy working with IT. If that sounds good to you please apply because we are looking for a German speaker who wants to work in Belfast. Our client is a multilingual consulting and customer service solutions provider, over 30 years old and operating in several countries worldwide. Expect to earn £15,500 gross per year. Want to know more?

  • German Speaking Technical Support Job Cork, Ireland

Check out this Technical Support job in Cork! First of all, we are looking for a near native German speaker who also has an excellent level of English and that you can comfortably speak both German & English over the phone and via email. As you will be required to troubleshoot a range of IT problems with online applications and SaaS solutions we are looking for someone who has gained a good knowledge of a range of internet tools and solutions. That you are always eager to learn new things especially in the world of IT support. A German speaker with a good working knowledge of the software side of IT is preferred. If you are successful you will be looking at a salary of €24,000 (gross per annum), a relocation package of 2 weeks in a hotel when you get here and no weekend shifts, we like the sound of that what about you?

  • German Speaking Sales Job in Dublin City Centre, Ireland

 Speak German? Looking to live & work in Dublin where you can kick-start your sales career - This is the job for you. Have no sales experience? That's OK - Our client is looking for entry level Sales Reps to join the team. You will receive top class training and be supported to grow your career. For those looking for a great start - Keep reading for more on earning €22,500 gross per annum + bonus & don't forget to apply today. This amazing opportunity won't be here for long. 

  • German IT Analyst for An Award Winning Employer Krakow, Poland.

Are you a Graduate who wants to work in a company that is going places? If you speak German and have a knack for technology then this could be the IT Job for you. We want you to be the next German speaking IT Analyst in Krakow, Poland. We are looking for someone who has a near native level in German and a good knowledge of English. You need to be comfortable with working with technology as you will be identifying and resolving technical issues on a daily basis. Technical support training will be. However, we would like you to have some experience with MS Office Windows operating systems and a good knowledge of PC hardware. Your salary is dependent on the experience you bring to this German IT Analyst job, but you could be looking at earning 5800 Zloty per month (gross). However, there are a number of benefits such as life insurance and leisure vouchers etc. and there is also relocation support.

We hope this has been helpful in your working abroad job search. We know being a Graduate looking for a German job straight out of college can be hard work, so we hope we’ve taken some of the stings out of it for you. If you didn’t see anything that suits you don’t be mistaken in thinking that is all our Entry-Level German Speaking jobs! browse all of our German speaking jobs and see if there is one that fits your needs better. If you need any more help in your job search make sure to get in contact!