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German Speaking Jobs in Malta - Why Work Abroad in Malta

2017-02-20 07:00:00 +0000 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


You may have noticed a trend in our blog posts recently, if not, let us enlighten you. We are putting all our time and energy into educating German Speakers. Why?

Well according to our very own research, over 70% of German speakers didn't know how in demand their language skills are, so we've taken it upon ourselves to educate you lovely German speakers and let you know what multilingual jobs are out there for German Speakers. 

Today it's German speaking jobs in Malta & the Benefits of Living & Working Abroad in Malta.

We’ve done our research & have come up with the top 5 important points to consider when looking for German speaking jobs in Malta -let’s get to it, shall we? 

  •  Who is Malta Attracting? 

When we ask this we don't mean who is Malta attracting in terms of tourists, we're talking about the number of companies that are finding Malta increasingly attractive. 

With Malta's attractive (low) tax rate, the fact that it's an English speaking country and its prime location between Europe and Africa in the Mediterranean Ocean it is attracting a vast number of IT companies specifically within the online gaming/betting industry and with that being a fast-growing industry worldwide, the number of multilingual jobs (German speaking Jobs) will increase.

 As Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world - it's natural to assume that every company wants to get their foot in the door with the German Market so the demand for German speakers in enormous - there are German speaking jobs in Malta left right and centre. 

  • Location Location Location:

Malta is smack bang in the middle of many attractive locations such as Italy, Spain, Greece etc. (proving our point about a great place for a company to set up eh?) - you are never too far away from a mini break away to explore more of Malta's neighbours. Of course with Malta being a mini-haven itself maybe you will love living & work here.

  • Weather (Is it raining men?):

It may not be raining men but it also rarely rains which is a great bonus to living and working here in Malta. Even in the depths of Winter, the average temperature you can expect is 13 Degrees and that's what the Irish would call a heat wave, in the summer the average temperature is 27 Degrees, can you just imagine how beautiful the sea looks on a Summer's day? 

When it does rain the temperature usually staying in the high teens so there could be plenty of rainbows around you to perk you up on a dreary rainy day. 

  • Work Life & Healthcare: 

When it comes to working abroad here in Malta we have placed a number of multilingual people successfully and queries we get asked on a regular basis are along the lines of ''Why is the salary so low?''' to which we answer ''The Cost of living'' - Once you have done your research on the cost of living in Malta you will realise that it is below the European Average so with a salary of €20,000 you could certainly live very comfortably. 

The minimum working hours is 40 and maximum being 48 -  you are entitled to 25 Working days and you also entitled to taking off public holidays and what's great is that Malta has 14 Public Holidays (Do people work at all? - Joke) What we love about this is that there is certainly more time to give yourself the perfect work-life balance - which we are really big on here.

  • The People: 

We have heard a number of positive things about the Maltese - All of our previous German speaking placements are happy to be here and feel like part of one big family, which is just what you want when going to work abroad in a new and possibly scary step. 

German Speaking Jobs that we currently have in Malta: 

Like we said - the majority of international companies heading up in Malta are in the gaming and betting industry - which is where we have German jobs. 
We have German Customer Service Jobs where you will take all inbound calls and emails from customers who have issues with billing, technical faults etc. 

We also have a Customer Care job with a twist - where you get to be the face of the company - Literally! 
You will work live on screen giving all players the feel of playing in a real-life casino - exciting no? 

When it comes to finding German speaking jobs in Malta - Careertrotter is the way to go - Click Now For More. 

Of course, if you aren't looking for German speaking jobs in Malta why not check out our other German Speaking Jobs Abroad here in Europe? 

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