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The Real Reason why German Expats Should Work Abroad in Dublin (There’s not a leprechaun in sight!)

2017-02-06 07:00:00 +0000 by


As a Multilingual Recruitment Agency, we talk to many German speakers on a regular basis, and, of course, the question does come up – ''Why should a German speaker come to work abroad in Dublin City?'' There are many German speaking jobs worldwide so why pick Dublin? This is normally the moment when the Irish tourism board appears and reads out a long list of Irish stereotypes to attract German speakers people to Dublin. Come for our high-spirited culture! Our rolling green landscape! Our cobbled streets! Our poets in tweed jackets! Our musical flair! To be fair, these things all do exist in Dublin, but there is a whole other side to the city that is growing bigger and bigger and simply cannot be pushed to the side anymore.
So here we are letting the secret out - Dublin is a multinational hub for technology! As a result, there are so many German speaking jobs in Dublin at this moment in time. This is why we really think German expats should work abroad in Dublin.

This core of technology in Dublin exists most obviously in the Docklands. In the 1980s Dublin’s Docklands was in a terrible state, filled mostly by tenement buildings.
However, it was recognised for its potential and heavily invested in thus changing the face of this landscape from a wasteland into a modern panorama of glass architecture. This is where you get a true view of international investment in Ireland. Just like the German’s “Gateway to the World” in Hamburg, this is where Dublin has proven it is a global city. In particular, there is a section of the docklands which technically is called ''Grand Canal Dock'' but has been dubbed in the last few years as ''Silicon Dock'' and even ''Google Dock''. This is because Google has their European Headquarters here! But they’re not the only international companies setting up their European headquarters here - Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn also have put their most valued assets in heart of Dublin City. This translates into more multilingual jobs and that means many German Speaking Jobs in Dublin! 


It naturally follows that not only have German expats decided to work abroad in Dublin, but so have many others. You may be surprised to hear that 1 in 8 people living in Ireland is foreign nationals.

It is important to say that many of these Multilingual Speakers who once upon a time decided they were going to work abroad and ended up on Irish shores, now consider this country their home. This is when Irish culture does deserve a mention, Ireland is a very hospitable country with great food, drink, music and scenery to offer the adventurous traveller. It is a place foreign nationals are proud to call home. So why should a German expat work abroad in Dublin? We say they should because contemporary Ireland is dominated by a melting pot generation of truly talented and skilled individuals who are finding the employment they desire, in an environment, they can grow in, with company’s they want to work with and all in a place they enjoy living in!

So now you know, there are German Speaking jobs in Dublin waiting for you! If Dublin sounds like a place you would like to work abroad then check out our long list of German jobs in Dublin - If the rest of our multilingual jobs here in Dublin please click here now 

Of course, if you aren't looking for German Jobs in Dublin why not check out our other German Speaking Jobs Abroad here in Europe? 

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