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Why German Speakers should rethink living & working in Poland - German Speaking Jobs

2017-02-27 07:00:00 +0000 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Here at Careertrotter - we feel that German job seekers aren't giving Poland a proper chance to help them get a leg up in their international career. We're shocked at the attitude towards this beautiful country so today we would like to take some time to show you just how well Poland is getting on and what it can offer you both personally and professionally. 

For starters, the services and the tech industry are seeing some serious growth with the likes of HCL, Google, IBM and so much more international companies. According to PWC, Poland is showing promising potential and is believed to be the fastest growing large economies in its respective regions. 

Even though 95% of the country speaks Polish - the majority of your generations now also know English so you won't have any issues with getting around. 
Stay with us here to see why Poland should be your next step when it comes to searching for German speaking jobs abroad

  • Cost of living:

Compared to other European Countries Poland has a lower cost of living. You will certainly see more bang for your buck when it comes to your weekly grocery shop in comparison to living and working in Ireland where shopping in Dublin could cost you an arm and a leg. General entertainment is also much cheaper so whether you are up for a few pints in the pub or possibly going to the cinema your salary here in Poland (Zloty is the Polish currency) will go much further here than in other European countries. 

On a night out here is how other European countries compare (on average):

Poland                   €1.47             6.34 Zloty
Germany              €2.05             10.78Zloty
Ireland                 €4.67              20.13Zloty
UK                         £3.10              15.79Zloty

Never feel guilty again for a quick stroll to the pub after a long day at work when on average you are spending €1.47 a pint.

  • Culture:

Polish culture is somewhat similar to its European Neighbours. This can help make it easier for German speakers to acclimatise themselves to their new surroundings and help them settle in. Both Germans and Pols appreciate punctuality, dressing appropriately for particular occasions along with family and home being extremely important so you know that a good work-life balance is can be achieved here. When it comes to having fun on a night out we know that German speakers are more into their craft beers but the Pols are known to love their Vodka. As a German speaker now working in Poland will you adopt the love of Vodka or bring your flair for craft beer along with you?

  • Location Location Location:

What's great for those who may get a little homesick every now and then, Germany actually borders Poland so you are only a drive away from family and friends. Of course, this depends on where exactly you in Poland when you go abroad and where your roots are in Germany - on average you could be looking at a 7hour drive - but hey it's a great excuse for a road trip. 

  • Healthcare & Working life:

In comparison to other EU countries, the private healthcare system in Poland is relatively cheap. The Pols are well known for their top-notch medical professionals and equipment so you are definitely in good hands here. English speaking doctors are relatively easy to find and depending on where you go to work when it comes to Poland - private healthcare is included. Great News - with all the German speaking Jobs we have in Poland - Life insurance and Private Healthcare is included so you are sorted.

In terms of your work life here in Poland, there is a good annual leave structure in place - you will receive 20 days annual leave every year for the first 10 years working in Poland and after that, you receive 26 days a year. Poland certainly rewards it's longtime workers. 

  • What will you get from Living & working in Poland?

Aside from experiencing a new and exciting culture, working in a fast up and coming country and broadening your horizons - having an international experience in regards to your career can seriously juice up your CV. Whether you decide to stay in Poland or possibly go back to Germany - Employers everywhere will be impressed by the fact that you went outside of your comfort zone to grow both personally and professionally - so give it a shot, what have you go to lose?

If you speak German & are on the hunt for German speaking jobs abroad - Poland is definitely worth another look. When it comes to German speaking Jobs in Poland the majority of the German speaking jobs we have are based in Krakow in a number of interesting and exciting industries see below for more:

Of course, if you aren't looking for German Jobs in Krakow why not check out our other German Speaking Jobs Abroad here in Europe? 

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