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German Jobs in Belfast - Work Abroad in Belfast

2017-03-06 06:00:00 +0000 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Moving on with our German Speaking jobs abroad series - German jobs in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

On occasion, there seem to be some misunderstandings as to where Northern Ireland belongs when you look at a map. It is currently a part of the UK - Making the currency there - British Pound and yes, it is an English speaking island. 

When it comes to working in Northern Ireland - We have many German speaking jobs in the capital city - Belfast which is famous for being one of the filming cities of believe it or not: ''Game of Thrones'' and the relatively new Titanic exhibit which is an amazing experience and well worth a visit. 

Yes, Belfast is part of the UK but the Irish culture is definitely present, along with a number of multilingual speakers attracted by popular international companies - You now have a unique mix of Irish, British and other European cultures (quite an experience in itself).

Without further ado - here are our 5 hot factors on Belfast to take into account when it comes to looking for German speaking jobs abroad 

  • Culture & People 

When it comes to looking for German jobs in Belfast and even a place to call your own you will come across a rather diverse culture - some Irish, British and multilingual speakers from around the globe. Belfast has a lot to offer the night owls out there as there is an exciting nightly event on offer. The people are friendly and open (this is where the Irish friendly attitude kicks in) You'll feel welcome and at home the minute you arrive.

  • Who’s in Belfast & Looking for German speakers?

We have a number of clients set up in Belfast - They range from a multilingual consulting and services provider, a global provider of strategic marketing services within the IT industry to an international solutions provider.

They are looking for a number of German speakers in various industries  such as German-speaking Sales jobs, IT Support Jobs, and German Customer Service Jobs - Don't delay & register today

  • Weather

Weather in Northern Ireland is generally similar to that in the UK and Ireland - when it rains it pours, snows? - its beautiful and sunny - get those sunglasses ready. There is nothing too hot or too cold here - the weather is quite tame. Nothing to be afraid of. 

  • Work life and Healthcare

What's great about Northern Ireland is that when working a 40 hour week you are entitled to 28 paid holiday days so plenty of time to explore your new home - visiting giant's causeway, the rather high rope-bridge, visit the Titanic exhibit or perhaps go further afield and visit Dublin or London? 

In terms of healthcare - the majority of our clients offer some great benefits such as a pension scheme, health support relocation packages etc. - to find out more you'll have to get in touch. 

  • Cost of Living

When it comes to living in Belfast - it is certainly cheaper than living in other UK and Irish cities like Dublin or London. Naturally salaries are slightly lower than Dublin or London but you wouldn't need as much for Belfast because the general cost of living is fairly low. 

One of the main reasons for this is the fact that Northern Ireland stayed with the British pound when the Republic of Ireland converted to the Eurozone. It's because of this that you will often see savvy Irish coming up the North for a shopping spree - especially around Christmas time. 

Alcohol is quite popular here - especially beer - which is great as German speakers are known for loving their Kraft beers - How do you think the beer will fair? 
Does it matter that much when you can have a crisp pint for £3.00? 

How are we liking Belfast? If you speak German & are looking for German jobs abroad here in Belfast - pop us an email on or feel free to pop us a call on +353 15 24 24 20 

Worried About BREXIT?

When it comes to BREXIT - the Long-term we are all unsure, no one has answers just yet - but let's not dwell on that, shall we? Short term - we're not worried - here's 2 reasons why:

  • No company based in Belfast is going to make drastic changes, any major changes will take time, research and consideration before even one step is made. 
  •  Everyone has their own commitments - think about it companies that indeed currently hiring in Belfast have certain commitments like office leases. Depending on the status of their lease agreement they may leave or could be there for another few years. The main reason why we're not so worried is that some of our clients are still planning on building their own headquarters here in Belfast (they're not going anywhere). They're not worried, why should you be?

If you are looking to go abroad for 1-2 years - Our advice is not to worry & don't forget about Belfast

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