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German Speaking Jobs Abroad - LinkedIn or Xing?

2017-03-13 07:00:00 +0000 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


When it comes to looking for multilingual jobs whether it be in your home country or abroad, social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Xing have become a must-have in order for you to be found by recruiters/employers. It has become one of the most vital sources for those in the recruitment game (Like us) over the last few years. This got us talking and a rather interesting debate popped up in the office this week – When it comes to finding  German speaking jobs abroad or in Germany, which is preferred and indeed successful go to, LinkedIn or Xing for German candidates.

LinkedIn is the most professional network across the Globe we all know this, but is it any good for German speakers looking for jobs?

Yes indeed it is, we have spent many hours poring over LinkedIn looking for German speakers, trying to engage with them and entice them to register with us to apply for top German jobs abroad. There are plenty of pages and groups dedicated to helping German speakers find jobs all over the world. But what about finding jobs at home - ''German jobs in Germany?''

This is where Xing comes into play - Xing is one of LinkedIn's main competitors and LinkedIn doesn't appear to be doing so well in the DACH market. Why is that?

The answer is simple, LinkedIn's model is incompatible with the German culture, it takes a fast, there and now approach. In Germany - you like to take your time, meet up with recruiters/employers, learn all you can and research everything before a decision is made - You could say that German-speaking jobseekers like to be courted - the thrill is certainly in the chase!  

A decision is final, so why wouldn't you look into every option available and possibility open to you before the big decision?

Xing has the edge here because it follows the German approach and German speakers respond well to this. Recruiters and employers are generally not pressuring and pushing via Xing and it all flows well on this platform.
Germans in their nature are cautious and careful, so pushing them is pointless. To all of the German speakers out there - a safe assumption when looking for your next German job abroad - Create a LinkedIn profile, it's the best way to go and make it clear that you speak German. After our German Jobs abroad Series, you now know how in demand your language skills are.

Expect Recruiters to send you opportunities abroad and rushing around trying to push you for a decision - this goes with the territory of working abroad - it is an extremely worthwhile experience - just expect that an answer is needed ASAP. All this comes with the territory of creating a LinkedIn Profile. 

Now - when it comes to looking for German jobs in Germany - Xing is the place to be, LinkedIn has these jobs too but not the added comfort of German culture is lacking, so having a Xing profile is important. 

Let sum up shall we?

Of course, Careertrotter has German speaking jobs in Germany and abroad on both Xing and LinkedIn. We just want to make sure you don't miss any great opportunities at home or abroad. 

Any questions, feel free to pop us a call on +353 15 24 24 20 or an email to and we are happy to help you with your next career move - wherever it may be. 

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