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Spring Clean Your Social Media Before Going on the Job Search Abroad

2017-03-27 06:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


We live in an age where information is power. Anything we want to know about is at the touch of a button (Clickety Click & job done). We all simply Google what it is we want or need to know if we are unsure. So when it comes to recruitment & hiring you over someone else why would it be any different? 

There are a number of easy to use applications out there that allow those of us in the recruitment game to scan through social media platforms. This could even be before we have ever laid eyes on your CV. In fact, according to Career savvy - 45% of employers have a look at a jobseekers social media profile when considering them and a shocking 1 in 3 was rejected based on what they had online about them. 

You wouldn't want something from your Uni days or last weekend’s bit of fun to get in the way of an amazing job opportunity abroad, now would you? 

If you answered No - then you are in luck because we have a step-by-step guide on how to get your social media profiles squeaky clean for your job search. Social Media clean up has become a vital part of the job search in today's world and trust us when we say it is certainly worth doing.

  • Google Yourself:

This is the best and fastest way to see what an employer/recruiter can see you. Put your name (your full name) into Google and see what pops up. If you have social media profiles - 99% of the time they will be the first thing to pop up. It is also a way to see what needs adjustment on your end if something unflattering comes up. 

If anything comes up that you have no control over - talk to those who could the authorisation to take it down, many are willing to help. 

  • When in Doubt - Private is Best: 

It’s a normal thing to have pictures of your past where you may have done something funny with your mates but it could be something an employer does not want to be associated with their brand. Best practise is to put your profile on private. It is simple to do so - just go to your privacy settings and edit where needed. This is a good idea for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and when it comes to Snap Chat - Do not add unless you know who it is.  

When it comes to your personal Twitter account you may want to run over previous tweets and hashtags you have used - it’s simple to do you have to request it from twitter and you will also be able to delete inappropriate tweets where necessary.

On the Job Search

  • Add a professional Picture - Shirt and tie or shirt and hair tied back say it perfectly. You don't want anything that might make your mother blush for example. 
  • Add relevant Keywords - This is particularly important for when it comes to LinkedIn and Facebook. If you speak 5 languages - have it on your profile, work in Sales? Put it in the profile. If it can help you and your job search - put it in but always keep it clear and keep it professional. 
  • Share interesting and relevant articles, stats and blogs on the industry you want to work within, this is a good sign to employers and recruiters that you are in the know and are truly interested in that particular industry. 
  • Don't talk about previous jobs and current jobs online - it shows bad character and a potential employer may believe you might be the same when you work for them. 

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