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Careertrotter’s Multilingual Easter Job Hunt

2017-04-16 09:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


While the little ones are in the middle of their Easter Egg Hunt – There’s an Easter Job Hunt for you here on Careertrotter.

With Lent after coming to a smashing end – the majority of us like to treat ourselves to something a little decadent – such as Easter Eggs, Chocolate.

The one day of the year where chocolate runs freely throughout the house and no one questions it!

This Easter, however, why not treat yourself to something more?

Fulfil a dream, see more of this magnificent world, grow your career and most importantly – love what you do – love your multilingual job abroad!

Just for you this Easter – we have put together a list of our hottest multilingual jobs here in Europe for each language we are currently recruiting for.  Find your language and see what multilingual jobs we have in specific sectors in various countries throughout Europe.

Most importantly any of our multilingual jobs peeks your interest – don’t forget to register and apply!

Happy Hunting! 


Looking for Geman Speaking Jobs Abroad? Here's what we have for you!


Dutch speakings jobs in a variety of sectors in these amazing cities


French Speaking Jobs in exciting cities to help you grow your international career.


Check out our Italian speaking jobs here in Ireland & Germany - Want to Work Abroad - Click Now to get your Hunt Started!


Is Spain getting a bit too hot for you? Why not try on these mild temperature countries?


Danish jobs in a variety of sectors in these amazing cities


Looking for Swedish Jobs Abroad? Here's what we have for you!

Norwegian Ireland 

Many of our Clients are looking for Norwegian Speakers - Get your CV in front of them today


Make this a successful Easter Job Hunt - Register with Cereertrotter today & apply for Finnish jobs Abroad today

There you have it - this Easter you are spoiled for choice for Multilingual jobs throughout Europe. The best part is - you can't overindulge on Jobs like you can on Chocolate. 

We do of course have other European speaking language jobs - but if we were to run through them all - we'd be stuck here for a while so if you don't see your language you would like - Click here for other language jobs in Europe!

Best of luck in your Easter Job Hunt - Any questions? 

Pop us a call on +353 15 24 24 20 or you can email us on 

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