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Recruiters Pet Peeve - ''The Dropper''

2017-04-10 07:00:00 +0100 by Kellie-Anne Molloy


Recruitment, for us, is a natural high – we love what we do. When we know that we have helped someone find their next step or even help them kick-start their career - There's a buzz that runs through the entire office.

However, every recruiter has had ‘’The Dropper’’ – The jobseeker who quits after the first day leaves in the middle of the process and those who accepted another multilingual job without letting the recruiter know they were involved with other companies. Each and every job has its good and bad sides and for Recruiters… This is ours!

We understand that things can pop up that are completely unexpected – such things could hinder the recruitment process and we do understand to a certain extent….

The vast majority of issues that may cause you drop out of the recruitment process can actually be fixed, all you need to do is let us know. We always try to get the very best for our Multilingual jobseekers, just talk to us.

Communication is Key!

If dropping out seems like the thing to do at the time - we would want you to contact us first to let us know if you are struggling if you don't like it - Anything - give your recruiter a chance to fix any issues. 

Perhaps if multilingual jobseekers like yourself knew what happens with each and every dropper - would it make you think twice? 

Here’s what happens if you become   ‘’The Dropper’’

  • You have lost the chance to work abroad for that company 
  • You become an untrustworthy source for both the company we had introduced you to and with ourselves. 
  • You won't be eligible to apply to work for that company for a minimum of 1 year. 
  • You have made the recruiter responsible for your application look unprofessional to their client and leaving them short on their own personal targets. 
  • You have planted a seed of doubt in the companies mind about the recruiter and the agency they work for - so much so that they may think twice about using that recruitment agency next time. 
  • A client could be lost and refuse to work with the recruitment agency 
  • A good relationship may be broken between the company and the recruitment agency. 
  • Most importantly: You have wasted valuable time with the recruiter, the company, their hiring manager and yourself. 

What are we looking to get out of this? 

Well... for you to think twice before applying and whether or not you really really want it before we go to the next stage of the recruitment process with you. 

If you are to become a ''dropper'' let us know about your doubts and fears - it could be something we could help with - you never know until you ask! 

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