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Careertrotter's Top 7 European Cities To Live & Work Abroad!

2017-05-22 07:00:00 +0100 by Kellie Anne Molloy


Looking for work abroad but are unsure where you should go?
Is everyone pushing their ideas and locations on you, where stats and figures just become a blur? 
Not to fear we have come up with the top 7 cities right now that are out there and ready for exploring. See which city bests suits you and your career today. Read, enjoy and don't forget we have many multilingual jobs all over Europe. 

7. Cork - Ireland

 Surprised Cork made it into the top 7? Well believe it or not - Cork has a lot to offer - it has all that Dublin has at half the cost. First of all, it's the second largest city here in Ireland, so big that is has been divided in two; North and South. 

Cork, a city that was designated as a European Capital of Culture in 2005 this could be one of many reasons why large American companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Dell settled down here.  It is because of this that Cork has become a multilingual melting pot because many multilingual speakers know what a great city Cork is to live and work. 
        Fun Fact: Cork was home to Ireland's first fish and Chips shop which opened in 1951.

It is worth mentioning that the cost of living in Cork is significantly lower than other large Irish cities. A room to rent in Cork would be around €200-€300 less in comparison to renting in Dublin
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6. Lisbon - Portugal 

Moving onto a warmer climate - Lisbon, a historic city on the west coast of Portugal. 
Fun Fact: The sun is up around 290 days of the year here - imagine the tan and temperatures fairly fall below 15 Degrees. 

Lisbon is known for its hospitality and it's family style so you will feel at home in no time. You may like to know about a particular delicacy here in Lisbon is Cod in many various ways so if you don't like Fish no is the time to change that. 

Working in Lisbon can feel like a holiday with the sun, sandy beaches and warm atmosphere. We like to call this a professional holiday abroad. 
In terms of cost of living, renting in Lisbon can be quite expensive with €500-€600 per month for somewhere in the city centre but the cost of food and public transport is quite low. 

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5. Eindhoven - The Netherlands 

Eindhoven is a young and aspiring city in the south of the Netherlands. As a large number of historical buildings were destroyed in World War II, Eindhoven is a model city for modern architecture.

Fun Fact: The most famous building is probably the ''Evolution'', which looks likes like a landed alien spaceship which is now used as a conference enter.

Eindhoven is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands that was originally built on a trade route from the Netherlands to Liège but it has now become a technology centre that is, of course, full of great multilingual jobs. 

The cost of living here is around €500-€600 per month for rent and food and travel are on an average pricing range. Eindhoven is a city that is extremely proud of its football team so if you aren't a footie fan - get into it! 
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4. Belfast - Northern Ireland 

After what’s known as ''The Troubles'' here in Belfast -  the city has developed magnificently. Belfast is home to ''Harland & Wolff'' one of the largest docks in the world and worth a visit. Of course don't forget about Giants Causeway, the Rope Bridge, Carrickfergus Castle and the H.M.S Titanic which has become a major attraction here in Belfast with VIP afternoon tea up top for those who want the extra experience. 
Fun Fact: ''Game of Thrones'' fans, you can get extra special tours to get the full experience of the filming locations.

In terms of cost of living - you need to keep in mind that the currency in Belfast is British Pound (£). When renting, Belfast is an extremely affordable city where you can expect to pay between £400-£450 a month and for food and travel, it is much cheaper than living in the Republic of Ireland. 

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3. Dublin - Ireland

Dublin - the capital of Ireland, a city divided by the ''River Liffey'' leaving you with North Dublin and South Dublin. Dublin is probably the most international city of all the English-speaking islands. 500,000 people live and work in Dublin and 20% of them are multilingual speakers from abroad - so you can see that Dublin is a highly sought after destination when looking to work abroad. 

The cost of living in Dublin is above the average in comparison to other large cities in Europe. For an apartment in the city centre, you would pay €1,200 per month. The cost of food, entertainment is expensive too so keep this in mind when relocating here (Do you have enough savings?). It certainly isn't without its charm though, with the famous ''Temple Bar'' shop streets and location to a number of beautiful towns for a mini break.

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2. Krakow - Poland 

For some, probably the most surprising location in our top 7 cities for working abroad in Krakow. But what many don't know is that Krakow is a living technology and bioscience centre for Central and Eastern Europe.   
Fun Fact: Stephen Spielberg's ''Schindler's List was filmed in Kazimierz, known as the Jewish quarter here in Krakow.

The currency here is Polish Zloty so keep that in mind. An absolute plus of the city is the low cost of living; for example, you could rent for around 300-400 Polish Zloty a month and all remaining expenses are far less expensive in comparison to many other European Cities.

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1. Berlin - Germany 

DRUM ROLL PLEASE..... Berlin is #1 right now. This particular city has tremendous growth since the 90's and it is becoming more and more popular as a destination to work abroad. 

There is an interesting mix of the modern and the history here in Berlin - the two have found a happy medium and work well together. Things to see such as the Sony centre, the Olympiaturm, the Holocaust Memorial along with trendy neighbourhoods, nightclubs, pubs, shops restaurants and many more. There is certainly plenty to see and do here in Berlin. 

Around 31% of Berlin's population is from abroad so you can expect a truly multilingual, multicultural and international cityscape. 
Fun Fact: Berlin is known to be a hub for artists and musicians - you will probably find one at each street corner - serenading on your way to and from work. 

In terms of cost of living - Berlin is relatively low in comparison to other cities like Dublin - renting can be between €600 -€700 a month. Other living expenses are also relatively low. 

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There you have it - the Careertrotter Top 7 European Cities to work abroad in. Want to know more about the language jobs we have here? Feel free to pop us a call on +353 15 24 24 20.

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